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2022 Top 5 Electric Bikes for Men

When buying an electric bike for men specifically, there are a few features I suggest identifying at the onset of this experience. Rugability, fast speeds, long range of electrical charge, theft defense, heft, and foldability are some of the features you might seek out. There are also electric bikes for every type of man–sporty, bigger, traveling, commuting, trend setter, and worker. See what you can do to improve yourself as you shop for the best electric bikes for men.

Trendy Fat Tire E-Bikes for Men

If you have seen those super fat tires on a bike, you might be wondering what is the reason for the thicker tires. Well, there are several benefits to having fat tires on a bike for men, and these extend to electric bikes. You are going to have more balance and grip on the ground when riding on wider tires. This allows for greater traction thanks to more tread doing the gripping. As a result, as a bigger guy, you are less likely to find yourself falling over when riding on the pavement or on loose gravel roads.

However, the added benefit of fat tire bikes is that you can cruise over softer terrain like snowpack and the beach sand without struggling. While thinner tires dig into the dirt and make it impossible to ride on hard packed snow, you can do this with a fat tire bike. Imagine being able to ride your electric fat tire bike for men in the snow and through the woods–maybe even on Christmas Day!

The EVRYjourney Fat Tire e-bike by sixthreezero is a great men’s electric bike with fat tires. The e-bike is a solid black color scheme with a matte finish. Available at seven speeds, the fat bike comes with a luggage rack already attached to the rear tire. This saves you from having to purchase that accessory separately or after-market. A fun fact, you can add about 20 different accessories to the EVRYjourney Fat Tire e-bike. This is a great way to add functionality to your ride.

Consider upgrading your new electric bike with a new front and rear light set, bells, a surfboard rack, or a baby seat. The options are nearly limitless and bring even more value to this electric fat tire bike for men. You can even get a sixthreezero helmet that is a size medium or large with an option of more than 10 color combinations. These are all pastel tones that look like they fit perfectly with a Southern California sidewalk scene. There is also black for the man who prefers no color at all on his fat tire e-bike.

Best Electric Bikes for Big Guys

A big and tall bike for guys is defined as a bike that will hold a man weighing more than 300 pounds and over 6 feet tall. Some, like the Mongoose and Diamondback brands, have bikes that will hold over 400 lb. riders. However, when it comes to the electric bike circuit, most of these bicycles are designed to hold about 350 lbs. max.

This also includes for individuals who are tall but want to have a bike for heavy cargo hauling. Heavy riders also want to increase their carrying capacity, too! This means you want to look at a bike that is going to hold somewhere between 50 to 100 pounds more than what you weigh–even if you plan on riding your e-bike as a way to slim down.

The Riese and Muller Superdelite E-bike is the endurance athlete of the bicycle world. Yes, folks, that’s right, this is the creme de le creme of the performance bikes. That means you can anticipate spending a pretty penny more on this e-bike compared to the rest, too. The price tag? Well, just $10,000 and that is before you do any customizations. What is so special about this electric bike for bigger guys is that it will hold up to 350 pounds while still offering a super long range. You can ride for 130 miles on a single charge of this bicycle battery even when hauling the maximum capacity.

Taking a closer look at this ultra sleek e-bike and you see other key features that put this bike over the normal price point. The Bosch motor and display are easy to read and offer an optional smart cockpit, which is perfect for any man. Lighting is effectively positioned using the Supernova M99 Mini. The e-bike also has an equipped Selle Royal Sport Gel saddle and streamlined frame that is well built and stylish. Front ABS disc brakes ensure the ultimate in safety with this electric bike.

By setting up the rider with 130 miles of maximum power, the Riese and Muller Superdelite E-bike goes farther than any of the other e-bikes for men on this list. The rider can sit back and enjoy the ride without stressing about if the electric bike will make it another mile. While this bike is not holding more weight than the other e-bikes, the 350 max lbs. supported will work for most males looking to buy an electric bike. However, this weight limit does push it when it comes to hauling cargo as well as a human being.

E-Bikes for Men Who Haul Stuff

A cargo hauling electric bike has to have two main features:

  • Cargo hauling racks, bags, or baskets–or somewhere to attach panniers, aka a fancy bike bag
  • Power to get up hills while hauling extra weight from cargo, plus a bigger person

If you are in the market for e-bikes that you can ride to the grocery store or shopping mall, there are plenty to choose from, even for bigger guys. You also need a bike that is built for wet weather and wind, and is ready to keep going even in a rainstorm. Other key features that men want in an e-bike for cargo hauling are security and visibility.

Look for an electric bike with a theft alarm to deter thieves when you have a cargo bag on board. This will help you protect against a grab-and-go robbery at a red light or stop sign. As for visibility, your bike needs to be clearly visible and so do you with the use of reflectors and lights.

Choose a bright color scheme that can easily be seen by vehicle drivers to best protect against car accidents. The Wing Freedom Fatty 2 is a great example of an e-bike with a theft alarm. Location tracking for $75 additional when customizing this bike includes an anti-theft warning system, stickers, tags, and more.

The Wing Freedom Fatty 2 is another fat tire bike that is made for long distances. Travel for up to 60 miles without a charge and ride at up to 25 miles per hour. This is perfect for men who want to “be there already,” and with their gear in tow. The Wing Freedom Fatty 2 also comes available with a front rack made using eco-friendly bamboo panels and metal bars for a great accessory. Other perks like a fender set and a throttle boost are available with this e-bike, which is perfect for men who haul groceries, sports equipment, their dog, and maybe even a kid or two.

Commuting E-Bikes for Men

A commuting e-bike for men needs to have certain features in order to be a safe and efficient mode of transport. You are going places, and you most likely have to take stuff with you, which means you want to have power and a storage rack. Other features that are a must-have when commuting include speed and range. The higher the watts of the rear hub drive motor is going to ensure you reach the speed you need without over-exerting yourself. You also want to look sharp and like you know where you are going, which is why style is a major factor in choosing the right commuter electric bike for men.

The EVRYjourney 500W electric bike by sixthreezero is a wonderful way to commute each day. Along with having a built-in rack for rear storage, you also get seven speeds to ensure your commute is expedient. Stop slow and go riding and get yourself to where you need to be in style and without much of a sweat thanks to this commuting e-bike for men. The use of a 500 watt engine with a rear hub drive motor keeps the e-bike moving right along no matter what the weather. Pack your rain jacket and be ready for anything when riding the EVRYjourney 500W e-bike by sixthreezero.

Additional features of the EVRYjourney e-bike by sixthreezero that make it the perfect commuting bike for men include:

  • Travels at a top speed of 28 miles per hour with the pedal assist
  • 40 mile range max with pedal assist mode
  • 26 inch wheels for a stable and solid ride
  • Holds riders up to 250 pounds
  • Riders can be up to 6 foot 4 inches
  • Ergonomic frame ensures relaxed riding position
  • Disc hand brakes on front and rear tires

The height capacity of this e-bike is excellent for men, while the weight capacity is not exactly going to work for big and tall men. However, the easy to ride, laid back style of the sixthreezero bike collection shines through with the EVRYjourney. You truly can take this bike with you on every journey from the beach to the streets.

Men’s Traveling Electric Bikes

A great way to travel is with a folding bike and e-bikes fall into this category. Yes, you can even get a folding electric bike, which is awesome for traveling on public transport. This includes planes, trains, buses, and boats. You are able to check the e-bike as part of your check-in baggage. Save yourself the struggle of finding a rentable bicycle that fits your body, much less an e-bike that you can take long distances. While ride sharing electric bikes are becoming increasingly available, you can not get the same sanitation and fit that you get when you BYOB (bring your own bike).

The highlights of folding electric bicycles for men include being affordable, lightweight, and easy to transport and store.

Some of the top choices for men’s folding electric bikes are:

  • Hummingbird Electric 2.0
  • Tern Vektron Q9
  • GoCycle G4
  • Vika+Flex
  • Rad Power Bikes RadExpand

But one stands out at the top of the class, the Brompton C Line, a six-speed electric bike. This e-bike features more of a minimalist looking bike frame compared to all the others. With the Brompton C Line, expect to shell out about $4,000 for a top of the line new edition. However, the bike comes in a variety of colors, including black, orange, blue, red, and green. The battery charges in just four hours, making this a great traveling bike for travelers who pack light. You can go far and fast without really any downtime for charging; just do it when you eat and sleep without stress.

The Brompton C Line electric bike comes from a London factory where the bike has been manufactured since 1975. The bike folds down in a signature tri-fold style. You also get a streamlined look with thinner tires and framework compared to all the other traveling electric bikes. There are still the same tall handlebars that are typical of this type of folding bike and e-bike. However, for the value, this steel e-bike is exactly that–a steal. You have the option of buying the signature Brompton Electric 20 liter bag for storing and hauling cargo on your e-bike.


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