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2022 Top 5 Best Tricycles

Tricycles, or trikes, are not just for kids anymore. An adult trike has all the benefits of a traditional bike with a fun design that adds stability and comfort to the ride.

Modern adult tricycles provide freedom to those who otherwise would struggle to ride a bike. They also come with extra cargo space, making them great transportation tools when heading out to the grocery store or to work.

Like all bikes, though, some are better than others. The key to knowing whether an adult tricycle is a suitable choice for you is to learn more about them, and we can help. Consider some tips on buying the right tricycle and the best options for 2022.

What is a Tricycle?

If you have kids, then chances are you already know. An adult tricycle is a bigger version of what they rode when they were little. It is similar to a traditional two-wheeler but with an added wheel in the back.

Other than that third wheel, the features are the same as regular bikes. They have brakes and gears, the same as a two-wheel bicycle. The frame is a little different to accommodate that third wheel, though.

Two vs. Three-Wheel Bikes

Both standard bikes and tricycles move by pedal power. Some trikes are electric, so you can pedal or ride like a moped.

The biggest difference besides the third wheel is the frame. The front is similar to a two-wheel bike, but they tend to be a little lower to the ground. They are also self-balancing, so there is no need to jump off the seat when you stop at a light.

The trike seats have a little different design, too, making them easier to ride. The seat can decrease the pressure on the backside because it disperses the rider's weight more evenly.

Who Is a Good Candidate to Ride an Adult Tricycle?

Technically, anyone could enjoy riding an adult trike, but they tend to be a good choice for someone who would struggle on a two-wheeler. They may have balance or mobility issues, for example. Adult tricycles are often excellent choices for seniors.

They can also be a practical option for someone looking for a bike with lots of cargo space. That big basket that sits between the two back wheels comes in handy.

Also, adult trikes are sometimes a better choice for shorter riders. The broader base adds more stability and the lower frame mean short legs function better. Along those same lines, the frame can accommodate a heavier person better. The spread of the back tires means they can handle more weight.

Some features of a tricycle that stand out include:

  • Control – The combination of stability and improved balance can make the three wheels more manageable to control than a two-wheel bike that you have to balance as you ride.
  • Better seating – The more comfortable seat comes in handy because you don’t have to jump on and off the bike when you stop.
  • Safety – This style of bike offers some advantages when it comes to safety. You are much less likely to fall off or over on an adult trike.
  • Cargo space – The basket on a trike is not only larger, but it is more stable so that it can carry more weight.

The comfort and ease of use mean adult tricycles are growing in popularity, especially among seniors.

What to Look for When Buying an Adult Tricycle

When it comes to finding the suitable adult trike for you or someone you love, there are some things you want to keep in mind.

The Seat

Like traditional two-wheel bikes, different brands have different styles of seats. You want one that is firm enough to offer you back support. Positioning is critical, too. You want the seat situated so that when you are pedaling, your knees line up with the balls of your feet.

The Handlebars

Handlebars also come in different varieties on adult tricycles. Sit on the trike before buying it to ensure you can easily reach the handlebars. If you have to bend forward, you will put added strain on your back, hips, and shoulders.


You want a frame that sits low enough to the ground that your feet will touch. Most come with adjustable seats, so you may need to lower yours slightly to make this happen.


Also, like standard bikes, there are different styles of adult tricycles. You need to find one that works best for you.

  • Upright – This is the standard option. It offers a step-through frame that means you can get on and off the bike quickly without feeling like you have to climb up the frame.
  • Semi-Recumbent – A semi-recumbent trike has a further back seat, allowing you to stretch out your legs more. This is a practical choice for someone who wants the pedals to be more accessible. This is also a good choice for the larger rider.
  • Recumbent – A recumbent adult tricycle sits low to the ground, so the seat and the pedals align. This reclining position allows you to distribute your body weight more evenly and be more comfortable, especially if you have back problems.
  • Electric – Electric tricycles come with a motor and battery to make riding easier. As you pedal, the motor can help give you a little extra push. This comes in handy if you tire easily or ride out too far. It also makes pedaling uphill or against the wind easier.
  • Folding – One downside to an adult tricycle is the size. They can be heavier and more challenging to store. A folding trike is a bit smaller than the standard tricycle, but it will fold up when it comes time to store it. That is a big plus for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space.
  • Chopper – A chopper tricycle is more about style than anything else. The chopper trike sits closer to the ground with a front that extends forward – like a chopper motorcycle.

Tips for Riding an Adult Tricycle

It takes a little practice to get the hang of riding an adult tricycle. Consider these tips to make the transition smoother.

Getting On and Off the Trike

Surprisingly enough, one of the most difficult things to learn is how to get on and off the bike. It is tricky if you are used to a two-wheeler. The best approach is to pinch the brake levels to stabilize the bike so it doesn’t roll on you. This also gives you the leverage necessary to get up on the seat.

To Recumbent or Not

If you have back or knee problems, a recumbent trike might work best. Pedaling an upright tricycle, just like a traditional bike, can put some strain on the knee joints. The recumbent design will take the strain off both your back and those joints.

Of course, riding recumbent takes some getting used to for most people. If you have healthy knees and are looking for a riding experience similar to a two-wheel bike, stick with the upright.

Think Ahead as You Ride

One big difference between riding a bike and a trike is turning. It is not as smooth on a three-wheeler, but some forethought will help. If you ride a two-wheel bike, you are used to leaning into the turn. That won’t work on a three-wheeler.

As soon as you see a turn coming up, start planning how you will maneuver the trike around it. You’ll want a wide turning radius to ensure you don’t tip the trike over by shifting your weight.

Path Size Matters

Three-wheel bikes do not do well on thin bike paths. Make sure you know the trail if you take your trike on a bike path. The path should be wide enough to accommodate the larger frame and be free from obstacles. You can’t just ride around obstacles on the larger trike. You’ll likely have to turn around or lift the bike over the blockage.

The Best Adult Tricycles for 2022

If you are ready to shop for your adult tricycle, let us help. Here are five trikes we think are the best of the best for 2022.

1. EVRYjourney by Sixthreezero

The EVRYjourney tricycle by Sixthreezero offers a top-of-the-line step-through frame for easy mounts and dismounts. In addition, the bike's design ensures that the tires absorb the impact of bumps on the road, making it one of the more comfortable adult tricycles on the market today.

The rear cargo basket is an impressive 23”x19”, so there is plenty of room to carry everything from groceries to your workout gear. The EVRYjourney also features the revolutionary sitting position that Sixthreezero bikes are known for in the industry. Sitting upright while you ride alleviates back pain and keeps you more comfortable.

Some features of the EVRYjourney trike include:

  • 7-speed Shimano shifter and derailleur
  • Light yet strong, aluminum frame
  • Fenders
  • Synthetic leather grips
  • The extra wide, foam saddle

You have your choice of four trendy colors, too.

2. BodyEase by Sixthreezero

Like its cousin EVRYjourney, the BodyEase Tricycle by Sixthreezero comes with a step-through frame and comfort-forward design. The innovative frame of the BodyEase helps keep the rider's body properly aligned and supports vertical pedaling for better stability and balance.

The BodyEase comes with medium-width tires for a controlled ride in different types of terrain. It also offers a dual-spring saddle for better back and hip support.

Some features of the BodyEase trike include:

  • Holds up to 300lbs
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 7-speed Shimano Tourney Rear derailleur
  • Large cargo basket
  • Synthetic leather grips

This is the right choice for riders that experience knee and back pain.

3. Schwinn Meridian Tricycle

This adult tricycle from Schwinn is an excellent option for the rider who doesn’t want to worry about shifting gears. The single-speed drivetrain works well on flat surfaces, so it is a practical option for someone riding short distances in urban areas. In addition, it offers a real expander brake that makes stopping the trike easier.

The extra-wide rear wheel provides more stability than you find in some models, and the low standover frames make getting on and off the bike easier.

Some features of the Meridian trike include:

  • Full coverage fenders
  • Solid mesh cargo basket
  • Aluminum frame
  • Single wall rims
  • Vinyl saddle

This is an acceptable option for an adult trike, but it does have a few limitations. It would only be suitable for travel on paved roads and trails.

4. SLSY 7-Speed Adult Tricycle

The SLSY 7-speed will take you on long rides comfortably. It offers a flexible post to allow you to make adjustments and keep your back pain at bay.

The steel frame means it can carry a little more weight – 350lbs. That comes at a price, though. The heavy frame can make this trike a little harder to maneuver. The heaviness also means it might be a difficult tricycle to ride if you have knee problems.

Some features of the SLSY trike include:

  • Shimano derailleur with seven speeds
  • Shimano twist shifters
  • Large cargo basket
  • Seat with back support

The bike also comes with a toolset to do easy repairs and adjustments on the road if necessary.

5. Mobo Triton Pro

Look no further than the Mobo Triton Pro if you are looking for a fully recumbent tricycle. This three-wheel cruiser offers all the comfort of a fully recumbent bike and an innovative rear-wheel steering system. The adjustable frame ensures you get just the right fit, too.

Some features of the Mobo Triton Pro trike include

  • Single-speed design
  • Chainless
  • Cushioned seat
  • Hand caliper brake
  • 20” front wheel
  • 16” back wheels

You’ll find this trike in some cool colors, too.

Find out more about adult trikes and what Sixthreezero offers by visiting our website today.


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