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2022 Top 5 Best Hybrid Bikes

For some people, hopping on any bike for any situation will suit them just fine. But as our parents often scolded us, just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should! The bicycle market is full of unique types or styles of bikes, think beach cruisers and road bikes, and new types and genres of bikes are added every couple of years (see the recent rise in what are being called "gravel bikes").

Naturally, this can make things confusing for those relatively new or inexperienced to biking as an adult. Those who just want a good, solid bike. The thing to keep in mind here if you're such a buyer on the market is that the reason there are so many different styles, genres, types of bikes is to help people like yourself zero in and find that perfect bike for your specific riding needs and desires. The hybrid bike is an excellent example of why such specializations are great.

Understanding What Makes a Hybrid Bike a Hybrid Bike

A hybrid bike is called such because it is the most general combination of a road bike and mountain bike. While there are certainly other bikes that will take on characteristics of both road and mountain styled bikes (see the aforementioned gravel bikes), the hybrid bike is one that really nicely meshes what most see as the biggest pros of each of those two bikes. For example, many hybrids will have a rigid frame (no suspension system in the front fork) that looks more like a road bike but with flat or riser handlebars that mimic mountain bikes.

Of course, merging road bikes and mountain bikes also means compromising on things that otherwise make one or the other type of bike so desirable. Hybrids offer a wonderful balance of frame make and construction that is strong enough to endure uneven pavement as well as loose gravel and dirt paths, but you will certainly not find a hybrid that is as light and quick as a road bike. Nor will you find a hybrid that you will be safe taking on downhill mountain trails.

The key to enjoying hybrid bikes is understanding what they excel at. These are bikes that are affordable and built to be comfortable for the daily cyclist as well as the occasional recreational cyclist. Not competitive bikes, but fun bikes.

2022 Top 5 Best Hybrid Bikes

Here at sixthreezero, making bikes that are fun to ride is essentially our mission statement, and so it is no wonder that we have quite the fleet of quality hybrid bikes. The following is a look at a few of them as well as other premier hybrid bikes that most certainly make the list of top 5 best hybrid bikes in 2022:

1. EVRYjourney

Most hybrid bikes choose to keep the larger 700c wheels of road bikes (sixthreezero even has some with 700c wheels), pairing them with beefier tires for better off-pavement biking. While larger tires do have the advantage of taking the rider slightly further with every pedal stroke, they have the drawback of requiring bike frames to be built larger overall in order to incorporate the greater wheel diameter. This negates one of the big reasons why more causal bike riders forgo road, track, and similar bike frames -- because they are too tall to comfortably sit and ride.

Our team at sixthreezero believes the best hybrid bike is a bike that people find comfortable, fun, and easy or otherwise enjoyable to ride. For those who like how mountain bikes are low to the ground and easy to jump on and off of, the sixthreezero EVRYjourney is an ideal hybrid bike.

The EVRYjourney features smaller 26" mountain bike wheels with tires that have plenty of grip and cushion to take riders comfortably over packed dirt trails, dodgy gravel, and pavement. Because these smaller wheels were used for the EVRYjourney, our design team was able to build a frame lower to the ground and one that was specially comfort-oriented. The bottom bracket, which is where the pedals are attached to the frame, boasts a more forward placement than just about any other hybrid bike on the market. This results in a bike that is more comfortable to pedal while in the saddle, and a bike that is easy to jump on and off.

Comfort design and easy bikability are certainly the top reasons for why the EVRYjourney hybrid bike takes a top place on a list of top 5 2022 hybrid bikes, but it's not the only thing it's got going for it.

Other premier features of this sixthreezero bike include:

  • Fenders come standard on this bike, a must for those who don't want to get water, dirt, mud, and other debris kicked onto them while traveling through city streets and along country trails.
  • You can choose from a single-speed option for simplicity, or get a 3-, 7-, or even 21-speed drivetrain set-up for maximum capabilities during long-distance and multi-elevation riding.

2. Pave n' Trail

The Pave n' Trail is one of the two sixthreezero hybrid bikes that boasts 700c wheels. While this does mean that you are going to sit higher overall on the Pave n' Trail over the EVRYjourney with its larger frame size, this has key advantages and is why so many other hybrids feature the larger wheelset. These 700c wheels on the Pave n' Trail help to deliver greater momentum, enabling for faster, more capable performance on roads and dedicated bike paths. We pair these wheels with beefy 28" x 1.50" tires, tires that are more than capable of taking you down trails of packed dirt and sand.

Both the men's and women's Pave n' Trail hybrid bikes also feature a front suspension fork system that further enables a more comfortable riding experience on and off asphalt. This front suspension system soaks up jarring bumps and dips; it also features full adjustability, allowing you to choose just how rigid or spongy you want your riding experience to be.

Other great attributes of the 2022 Pave n' Trail include:

  • The Pave n' Trail comes in only one drivetrain option, but it is a very solid one. Each of these bikes features a quality Shimano 7-speed gear system that delivers fast, reliable gear changes.
  • Ergonomic riser bars that allow for a more aggressive, confident riding position but with comfortable grips and hand positioning.

3. Ride in the Park

The Ride in the Park hybrid bike by sixthreezero is another taller hybrid with 700c wheels, but one that was uniquely inspired by more vintage bicycle engineering. Here, the idea was to create a bike that oozed old-school charm but still offered the riding comfort and capabilities of a more modern hybrid bike. Pretty sure it exceeds on all counts.

This sixthreezero hybrid bike is an incredibly light bike that is easy to take out for a ride around the park or even further out of town. Its light frame, large tires, and 7-speed drivetrain deliver a peppy and fast riding experience. Plus, the 2022 Ride in the Park comes with riser bars that are slightly swept back to offer nice ergonomic support at the wrists but still allow for a more aggressive biking experience, making it easy to take this bike at higher speeds and up steeper inclines.

But back to those looks. Vintage (and practical) features of the Ride in the Park include a dual-spring, tapered saddle with a soft leather appearance that is paired with matching grips. This bike also features an old-school chain protector to keep that greasy chain from marring your socks and pant cuffs.

Other great features of the Ride in the Park that put it among the best of this year's hybrid bicycles include:

  • Click on accessory points throughout the frame make it easy to add those extras you want in a bike, or just as easy to leave them off and enjoy a sleek, streamlined look.
  • A vertical pedaling position that equates to the pedals nearly directly beneath your hips. This enables the cyclist to maximize the power of each pedal stroke without sacrificing their biking comfort.

4. Hiland Hybrid Bike

The Hiland Hybrid Bike is a bike that looks very similar to our Pave n' Trail hybrid bike. Both have the 700c wheels, feature a 7-speed drive train, and have a lower top tube that makes getting on and off the bike a breeze. There are, of course, some differences.

The Hiland Hybrid bike by the HH Hiland Store is the lowest cost bike on this list, it also tends to be the simplest (although that lower price point may also make it the ideal hybrid bike for those just starting to bike again and who don't want to overly invest in their first-in-a-long-time adult bicycle). This hybrid bike does not come with fenders, a rear rack, or a kickstand. All can be easily added after purchase, making it a good choice for those who want to do a more customized bike.

The included saddle on this bike is very sporty, similar to what you might find on an indoor cycling machine. It offers good hip support and, paired with the bike's flat bars, puts the cyclist in a more aggressive position that is ideal for urban riding.

Other great attributes of the Hiland Hybrid bike include:

  • Three colors to choose from including a very popular mint green that is relatively unique to this niche of bikes.
  • Comes equipped with a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain that is easily accessed via grip shifters. Grip shifters allow the rider to simply twist the shifting unit with their palm to enjoy easy, seamless transitioning between gears.

5. Priority Continuum Onyx

Here at sixthreezero, we love bikes that are designed differently. Bikes that address common frustrations cyclists have with riding. The Priority Continuum Onyx is a hybrid bike that does that well!

What this bicycle does differently is swapped out the traditional bike chain that has been a part of bicycle drive systems for centuries for a belt chain. This bike also features an internal drive system in which all the gear shifting happens within the rear hub, rather than on an attached cassette via a derailleur. The carbon belt has the big advantage of being low-maintenance with a long lifespan. Cyclists won't have to worry about grease on their clothes, having to lube up the chain, or dealing with dropped chains. The internally-geared system also offers the nice capability of shifting gears while at a complete stop (with a traditional chain, cassette, and derailleur system it is important to be actively pedaling when shifting gears).

Of course, such a unique bike comes with a high price, literally. This is the most expensive hybrid bike on our list of top 2022 traditional hybrid bikes with a retail price comparative to one of sixthreezero's electric bikes. But it does pack quite the features.

Other exciting attributes of this bike include:

  • Enjoy integrated dynamo bike lights that can't be swiped off of the bike and will never need battery replacements as they are powered by each rotation of the wheel.
  • This bike comes standard with a powerful Tektro hydraulic system that will ensure cyclists have full braking control no matter the conditions.
  • The twist shifter for the internal hub features an illustrated gear indicator that can be helpful for those uncertain about when to shift to what gears.

Learn More About Hybrids & Hybrid Election Options

Interested in learning more about the sixthreezero hybrid bikes of EVRYjouorney, Pave n' Trail, or Ride in the Park? Or what if we told you that not only could you get a hybrid bike from our team, but you could also electrify it with a motor hub and battery pack? Electric hybrid bikes are an excellent transportation solution for those who want to go further and at greater speeds with less physical effort. Visit our website at to browse these exciting hybrid bikes and to learn more about the above 2022 top 5 hybrid bikes we have available.


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