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2022 Top 5 Best Electric Trikes

Tricycles for adults: yes, that’s a thing. And it’s becoming a bigger thing all the time. But these aren’t the tricycles you rode when you were three and couldn’t balance a real bike yet. These are full-on commuting powerhouses that take you where you want to go, whether that’s under your own power, or with an electric motor. The great thing about electric tricycles is that you can carry more stuff with them. They’re like the SUVs of the cycling world. They keep the environment cleaner, they give you some extra exercise if you want that, and they help you transport more groceries from the market than you could with a regular two-wheel bike. So, let’s talk about the best electric trikes for 2022, some of their benefits, and some gear options you might want to add to yours!

What to Look for in Electric Tricycles

Electric tricycles are starting to make real gains in the bike riding market, but not all of them are created equally. Some are still too uncomfortable and weren’t designed with their riders ease in mind. Some of the things you’ll want to look at if you are in the market for an adult tricycle are:

  • Adjustability—Everything should be adjustable for your height so that you get the most comfortable riding experience.
  • Easy to Mount—Easy is everything for electric tricycles. A low, swooping frame should enable you to simply step into the seat and take off into your day.
  • Ergonomic—The entire bike should be designed with ergonomics in mind. This means that your body position should be neutral and comfortable at all times, with as little pressure on joints or muscles as possible.
  • Stability—Of course, unlike groups of friends, a third wheel is exactly what you want for stability. In addition to this added stability, a low center of gravity and broader wheels are options that really ensure a smooth, stable riding experience.
  • Flexible Power Options—Electric tricycles give you the freedom to decide whether you’re up to pedaling on your own power, or if you want the electric motor to exert itself instead.
  • Carrying Power—A generous back area that gives you space to carry whatever you need to carry on your day’s journey is a big plus.

When looking for an electric trike, take all of those things into account. The best thing is that these three-wheeled miracles are easy for a lot of people to use and enjoy, which helps people get outside and go a lot more. With that in mind, here are two of the best adult tricycles 2022 has to offer:

1. EVRYjourney Tricycle

The EVRYjourney Tricycle has gone through each of the criteria of a super adult tricycle and checked off every item on the list. It is literally the most comfortable and enjoyable tricycle available, allowing the rider to forget all about balance worries and just relax and enjoy the ride.

The EVRYjourney Tricycle is fully adjustable, so it enables riders whose heights range from 4'10" to 6' to get the most comfortable, ergonomic riding experience. Riders up to 300 pounds will enjoy the ride as the seat is wide and cushions the tush area generously. The handlebars swoop in so that you can easily reach them from a straight up-and-down sitting position without bending over. This trike also has a generously-sized rear cargo basket measuring 59x48.5cm, so it can carry a lot of things quite easily, and the wheels are wide enough so that you won’t feel the bumps in the road. It’s built for daily use and provides for a smooth ride, even if you’re going uphill. The EVRYjouney Tricycle is also a hybrid bike, meaning that you can decide to order one that has a battery-powered motor or you can have the self-propelled version. It comes with seven speeds, so that you have easy options with the flip of a thumb from the cushiony handlebars.

One of the things that makes the EVRYjourney Tricycle a real winner is the fact that it has been specifically designed to make riding a good option and an easy option for people who struggle with knee or back pain. This is because the design takes the pressure off of those areas, distributes your weight evenly, and enables a more relaxed, neutral position for the whole body. The handlebar positioning is easy on shoulders, arms, and wrists as well, so when you arrive at your intended destination, your whole body will feel relaxed and at ease, and you can enjoy whatever activities you have planned for the day and not worry about the ride back home at the end of it. If a trike was ever designed to truly provide a comfortable riding experience, the EVRYjourney is it.

2. BodyEase Tricycle

The BodyEase Tricycle is also a real winner when it comes to comfort and checking off the important points of a great adult trike. It is very similar to the EVRYjourney Tricycle, but with the pedals positioned a little lower so that if you want to stand and push uphill, you can do that a little more easily. It’s also built to go a little faster for that same reason. At the same time, the BodyEase does not sacrifice any of the comforts you want in an electric tricycle.

Once again, the third wheel completely removes any balance or stability concerns, for riders between 4'10" to 6' tall, and even up to 300 pounds in weight. It’s fully adjustable so that you can get your perfect ergonomic experience with the ride. The low swoop frame makes it easy to just step right into the seat, which is amply cushioned, though just a little narrower than the EVRYjourney to make it easier to stand and pedal if you want a little more push power.

Speaking of power, though, again, you can choose to go with the battery-powered motor option or do it yourself. It just depends on how you want to go that day, whether you want a little extra workout, or if you want the bike to take care of the details for you. It’s totally customizable for your needs.

The handlebars have thick, rubber grips that are incredibly easy and comfortable to handle, giving you extra control when going uphill or rounding corners. It’s also positioned so that you don’t have to bend over to reach them, you can just gently extend your arms for an easy ride that doesn’t tax your back, your arms, your shoulders, your wrists, or your hands. Pedaling is easy on the hips and knees. This makes the BodyEase a great option for people of all abilities who want to get outside and ride more than they do now. It’s a great starter trike, in fact.

Again, the BodyEase has been designed specifically to broaden options for people who aren’t ordinarily athletic, or who may not have ridden a bike in a while. People who have struggled with back pain, knee pain, or other kinds of joint pain can enjoy riding the BodyEase (it’s right there in the name - it’s easy on the body) without feeling sore afterward. So load up the rear basket with the beach gear and head out for a day of fun without worrying about pain.

Adult Tricycle Add-Ons to Make the Ride Even More Awesome

Both the EVRYjourney and the BodyEase adult tricycles are built ready to go upon order, but if you plan to really use your chosen trike on a daily basis, it’s always a good idea to outfit it with things that made the riding experience more fun and convenient. Each trike can be outfitted with baskets, bags, cup holders, phone holders, extra lights (for night riding visibility and safety) and bells (for safety any time of the day or night), mirrors (again, for added safety and visibility), bike locks (for security), child seats, tire pumps, and even a customized tablet computer that can mount onto the handlebars to tell you how much battery power you have left, let you know how fast you’re going and how long you’ve been riding. These things can make your commute even more comfortable than it already is with the most comfortable, ergonomic adult tricycles available.

Benefits of The Best Adult Tricycles

There are a lot of great things about electric trikes for adults. Some of these include:

Help with Balance Issues

Balance issues can impact adults of many different age groups, whether it’s inner ear issues, degenerative health conditions, or recovery from illness or injury. Electric trikes totally remove the worry that you have to stay balanced or that you might hit a rock and fall over. You can just pedal, or let the bike do the work and enjoy the scenery.

Easy on the Body

The ideal adult tricycle will be ergonomically designed to allow the rider complete ease during any journey. A trike will enable you to sit up straight while holding the handlebars at an easy angle for a relaxed back, shoulders, arms, and legs. Just enjoy a comfortable, easy ride.

A Great Way to Get Out into Nature

An electric trike is so worry-free that you can really just focus on enjoying your surroundings without getting too winded or worried about anything.

An Awesome Commuting Option

An electric tricycle makes commuting a fantastically easy thing to do. You can arrive at work fresh, without overexerting yourself, and enjoy being outside on the way there. It’s a free, easy feeling that you don’t get from driving a car.

Easy on the Environment

Of course, one of the biggest reasons for the jump in popularity of adult tricycles these days is that leaving the car behind more often means less harm to the environment. With ambitious environmental goals, more people of all abilities and ages can get on an electric trike and contribute to making the world a cleaner, healthier place.

Transport More Things

While a lot of bike riders transport things on their 2-wheeled electric bikes, an electric tricycle gives you even more space and stability to transport a little more. So, whether you are heading to the gym with all of your gear, taking a large picnic basket to your favorite park, hauling groceries home or taking your presentation to and from work, an electric tricycle will make it so much easier. Each of these trikes has a generously-sized rear basket that handles it all, but you can also add more carrying power with additional bags.

Best Adult Tricycles for 2022

If you have been wondering how you could contribute to helping the environment by driving your car less, but have struggled with mobility issues like balance, back pain, knee pain or other kinds of pain, an adult trike may be just what the doctor ordered. Whether you opt for the more athletic BodyEase Tricycle or the ultimately comfortable and capable EVRYjourney Tricycle, you’ll be able to leave the pain behind and enjoy the outdoors more freely and with the peace of mind that you’re contributing to a healthier planet—all while going to work, going shopping, going out for a fun day on the town, or whatever you have planned. It’s easy riding at its best, and without the pain. The cool colors, shapes, and designs of these adult trikes make them great for any generation. If you are in the market for a trike, check out our body fit quiz just to the right and it will give you the perfect options for your needs and riding style. You are also invited to peruse our bike advice page that can help you get started on your tricycle or bicycle journey (whichever you choose). And please feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions you have at theteam@sixthreezero! And then get out there and enjoy the ride!


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