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2022 Top 5 Best Electric Bikes for Seniors Over 60

There has been an exciting and ongoing surge in adult bicycling since 1995, and no, it is not young hipsters and college kids that are seeing the greatest growth (though young people do still lead in most cyclists on the road). The age group that has seen the biggest change in numbers over the last decades has actually been seniors over the age of 60.

Choose Healthy: Choose Cycling

The reasons behind why seniors are taking up two wheels in increasing numbers are many. Certainly, today's 60 and up are healthier and have more disposable income and time to enjoy extra recreational activities like cycling than the 60 and up in prior decades. Then, once a person starts biking, the benefits start stacking on themselves. Seniors who bike become and stay more mentally sharp, more emotionally sound and stable, and enjoy better physical health that includes better cardiovascular health and improved relief from osteoarthritis and joint issues.

The Case for E-Bikes: Overcoming Barriers to Cycling for Seniors Over 60

However, despite all of these benefits, certainly there are some barriers those aged 60 and over might struggle with when it comes to getting on a bicycle. The biggest concern is naturally safety concerns related to traffic and distracted driving -- a concern that is shared by every underrepresented group for cycling. The good news here is that more and more communities are making it safer for biking and walking as the average share of new biking infrastructure has increased from 56% to 78% in 13 of the busiest US cities.

Outside of this infrastructure barrier, seniors also cite physical limitations, such as daunting hills, long distances, and strong winds as being deterrents to their biking more. For these barriers, we have a solution and that solution is the electric bike.

Electric bikes or e-bikes enable riders to take advantage of an electric motor to boost their pedaling abilities. Also called pedal assist, you can go further with less effort. This makes it easy to overcome physical obstacles like hills and extended distances. Or if you or someone you love wants to enjoy the social aspect of biking together but struggles or worries about keeping up, this pedal-assist offers the perfect solution.

2022 Top 5 Best Electric Bikes for Seniors Over 60

In fact, electric bikes have become so popular for use among seniors and other groups who cite similar barriers for cycling, that the market has become inundated with fantastic e-bike options. The question no longer is who has electric bikes at all, but rather who has the best electric bikes for sale for my demographic. The following is a look at 2022's top five best electric bikes for seniors over the age of 60:

1. EVRYjourney 500W

The EVRYjourney electric bike was designed to be the most comfortable bike its rider had ever gotten on -- and most of its owners would agree with that statement! If you are a senior or are shopping for a senior who has avoided riding bikes because of finding them uncomfortable or awkward, then this is a great buy.

This hybrid electric bike from sixthreezero boasts a frame design that puts riders in an upright, relaxed riding position. Here, your feet are put forward of your hips, and sloped back cruiser handlebars further enable you to sit as though you are in a comfortable chair. This riding position reduces the strain on one's back, hips, shoulders, and knees. The 2022 EVRYjourney 500W is, in fact, exceptionally easy on the knees thanks to that more forward placement of the pedals that reduce excessive pressure. These pedals and a low-sloped bike design likewise make it exceptionally easy for seniors to jump on and off the saddle.

Other key reasons behind why the EVRYjourney 500 Watt electric bike is a great buy for seniors include:

  • A comfortable thumb throttle combined with cushioned grips make operating the pedal assist and full electric modes a breeze.
  • A powerful 500-watt battery that can take riders upwards of 40 miles on pedal-assist mode and 20 miles when using full electric. That is plenty of power to get you around town for pleasure or shopping.
  • Comes standard with fenders to protect against puddles and mud and a rear rack to secure panniers and rear basket or crate. In other words, plenty of storage options for bringing all of your daily necessities with you, wherever you choose to go.

2. BodyEase 500 Watt

With a name like BodyEase, you better believe this electric bike was designed for physical comfort. Like sixthreezero's EVRYjourney electric bike, the BodyEase features a very ergonomic bike frame design. Here again, the positioning of the seat post relative to the pedals equates to less stress on the hips, knees, and back.

However, there are some key differences in this electric bike's set-up from the EVRYjourney model. For example, instead of swept-back, cruiser-style handlebars, the bars here are more riser-styled similar to relaxed mountain and hybrid bike bars. While this does require the rider to stretch out a touch more, these shorter bars do offer more control. This trade-off makes them a good choice for those seniors wanting to do packed dirt and similar trail riding, such as when camping with their RV, or who are otherwise worried about biking amidst cars and other bicycles and desire greater steering control.

When sixthreezero took seniors out on a test ride of various electric bikes, 71-year-old Phil zipped right on up one of the city's tallest hills on the Body Ease 500 Watt. He had no problem putting himself in the second position and remaining there throughout the entirety of the test ride.

Not sure if this is the right electric bike for you? Consider the following aspects of the Body Ease 500 Watt electric bike that make it a top electric bike for seniors:

  • Suspension systems in the seat tube and front fork soak up the jolts from gravel and uneven pavement, delivering a more easy, comfortable biking experience.
  • Comes standard with a wide, comfortable saddle featuring its own dual springs for further back and bum comfort whilst riding.
  • Simple thumb throttle system powers on and shifts through the multiple pedal assist modes, offering easy control of the bike's electric abilities when you're on the go.

3. Evelo Galaxy 500

The Evelo Galaxy 500 is one of the smallest electric bikes on the market, making it an ideal choice for shorter seniors or those seniors who otherwise feel more comfortable and confident on a smaller bike. For example, riders who stand 4 feet, 10 inches will have no problem getting on, off, and underway on this bike. This is due in part to an overall small frame designed with a very low top tube or step-through design, and in part to it being designed for small 24-inch wheels.

Another attribute of this electric bike that makes it a top pick for seniors is its infernal drive system. This means that the system used to shift into higher or lower gears is all enclosed. It is a more expensive gearing set-up, but means you won't have to deal with issues like a dropped bicycle chain midway through your ride.

The 500 watt battery of the Evelo Galaxy 500 offers similar range and capabilities as the sixthreezero EVRYjourney and BodyEase. Owners can expect a range of between 26 and 40 miles depending upon full cargo and rider weight and throttle level.

Other aspects of the Evelo Galaxy 500W that make it a good buy for seniors include:

  • Advanced hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro offer superior stopping power. These type of bike brakes also add to the overall price, but are renown for offering better braking power in hazardous conditions, like in the rain and over loose rocks.
  • A unique automatic transmission system actually shifts the bike's gears for you. This is a unique system that not all will appreciate, but those seniors who never really rode bikes before are apt to appreciate how this system takes the guesswork out of gearing.

4. EPIK SE Relaunch by E-Joe

The EPIK SE was a popular electric folding bike that debuted several years ago by bike manufacturing company E-Joe. They later discontinued it, but this year the company has re-launched the design with an upgraded battery and motor.

The folding design of the EPIK SE means that it sits even lower to the ground than the 24-inch Evelo. In fact, this bike features even smaller wheels, 20-inch, which is the typical size you will see on a BMX bike. In order to be foldable, this bike also features a very low top tube that makes the bike overall look like a bulkier, more stretched-out BMX bike, except for the very tall seat post and handlebars that ensure you can sit and bike on the EPIK SE Relaunch much as you would any other standard bicycle.

Folding bikes aren't for everyone, but when it comes to seniors looking for a new electric bike, this style of bike is a good fit depending upon one's lifestyle factors. If you are a senior who travels frequently, such as by RV, to a vacation cabin, or if you have a snowbird winter home, then ease of transport is certainly a buying factor for you. And you would be hard-pressed to find an easier electric bike to fold and unfold than the EPIK SE Relaunch. There are just two locking clamps and three wires that need to be adjusted when folding the bike in-half or unfolding back. Once you are acquainted with the system, it will take you less than 30 seconds to fold/unfold. When folded, the EPIK SE Relaunch can easily fit into a trunk or appropriate suitcase for airline travel.

Other attributes of the EPIK SE Relaunch that make it an excellent senior-friendly bike include:

  • This newest rendition features a more powerful battery (48V) and motor (800 watt) that takes riders of the EPIK SE further than ever.
  • Seniors enjoy plenty of nice extra amenities that come included on this bike, such as a bell, headlight, taillight, and fenders to protect against puddles and muddy paths.

5. Ancheer 250W

This is the only electric bike on our list of top five best electric bikes for seniors over 60 that retails at under $1,000, making it a good choice for those on a budget and who are otherwise wary of electric bikes. However, one big reason why this electric bike is cheaper than the rest is because it has a less powerful motor (250W) and battery (36V) system which translate to a lower max speed (15 miles per hour) and shorter range (35 miles in the full throttle mode).

Good reasons to choose the Ancheer 250W as your senior-friendly bike include:

  • This e-bike features a high-strength front suspension fork that offers a more cushioned ride over gravel, uneven pavement, and other bumpy terrain.
  • It also comes with an easily adjustable stem which allows owners to adjust the handlebar's height as well as how far back they sit from the rider. This allows for a more customizable, comfortable ride for senior bikers.
  • Low step-through bike frame makes it easy for senior cyclist to jump on and off the bike, especially when it comes to sudden stopping situations such as at a light or stop sign.

Visit for More Senior-friendly Bikes

We hope this list of best electric bikes for seniors helped inform you of what's out there, as well as a look at some of the best features for those riding bikes into their golden years. But certainly this is not an exhaustive list of great bikes! Visit our website at to browse our full inventory of both electric bikes and hybrid bikes that were specifically designed to offer more comfort and enjoyment. When you're ready to buy, be sure to ask about our 365-day test ride that will give you the confidence that you are getting the best bike for you and your biking needs.


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