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2024 Top 5 Best Bikes for Seniors over 60

If this is the year you plan to start your senior status bike riding regimen, you might need a new bike to get out there and make the most of your golden years. Whether you're ready to retire your road bike or start from scratch as a cyclist, there's a lot to consider when it's time to shop for a new set of wheels in 2022.

You'll probably base your ultimate choice on your goals, fitness level and budget. Regardless of what you want, someone in the cycling industry will have something to fill your needs and desires to enjoy hours of fun and fitness out on the road.

Not all bikes are created equal and as a senior you want to choose the best bicycle to fit your body and riding habits. A bike suited best for a 60 year old is not necessarily going to be the best bike suited for a 20 year old. There are certain elements that need to be adjustable and also we want the frame to be low enough so the riders can step over easily and mount and dismount the bicycle. Safety is also going to be a major concern for any senior over 60 getting on a bicycle. When recommending a bike for a senior woman and man over 60 we always want them to feel safe. If you feel safe, then you'll feel confident, and if you're confident you'll be able to ride with enjoyment.

What Are Your Cycling Goals in 2024 and Beyond?

If you're shopping for a new bicycle as a senior aged 60 or over, you plan to stay active, which is a crucial goal. However, you might have specific goals, such as transitioning from high-speed road bike tours or weekend mountain biking sessions over rough terrain to something kinder and gentler on your body. There's no shame in self-preservation to live to bike ride another day without pain or discomfort.

Here are some commonly cited goals for seniors who want to ride a bike to stay active:

  • Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, reducing body fat
  • Enjoy more brain function, memory and peace of mind
  • Reduce cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Preserve cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength
  • Stabilize testosterone levels in men
  • Enhance longevity potential
  • Train for a triathlon or bike tour
  • Spend time with friends
  • Commit to spending more time outdoors enjoying fresh air and nature

It probably isn't surprising—or unfamiliar—that many of the goals are associated with health and well-being during the aging process. Even if you aren't planning to map out a hardcore exercise and training regimen, it might not hurt to look at your bicycle purchase as a way to start training to improve your health and life to relish your golden years.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your bike as a training tool as you age:

  • Bicycle Consistently. This doesn't mean you need to ride to exertion daily. However, it's important to approach the activity with commitment and determination to do it regularly. Start your regimen by riding your bike two or three times per week around the neighborhood.
  • Rest Well. Rest is as essential as exercise at any age, but it is especially common for riders 50 years old and over. Getting enough rest and sleep is important to ensure your body produces human growth hormone (HGH), vital for muscle repair and only happens when you sleep. Worse still, HGH production reduces during aging, so you need to take every possible chance to help your body produce it. Try to sleep at least eight hours each night and sneak in a nap when possible.
  • Recover Fully. Like rest days, recovery days are as important as exercise days to allow your body to absorb all the great work you've asked for, then prepare for the next session. You can leisurely bicycle every day, but if you are doing hard workouts, give yourself 48-72 hours to let your body recover to the point of readiness for another tough session.
  • Eat Healthfully and Moderately. Eating nutritient-dense foods with fewer calories is a wonderful way to maintain a healthy weight, even over exercise. You don't need to burn off what you don't consume, but if you do have an extra treat or two, keep your bike close by to take it for a calorie-burning spin around the block.
  • Practice Good Habits and Skills. Set a bike riding schedule above and beyond standard errands and commutes. Commit to setting your alarm clock for a certain time, and promise yourself you won't hit the snooze button and roll back over and to sleep.
  • Supplement Your Bike Riding Exercise. Try to work in strength training one or two days each week to build muscle mass and protect bone density. Whether you go to your local gym, practice a bodyweight strength routine, or buy some dumbbells for home, work in some strength training.
  • Manage Stress. Bicycling will help manage stress, but doesn't add any stress associated with bike riding. If you need to miss a riding session, reschedule or let it go, and resume your schedule as before. Stress will undo all the good you've done in preceding bike-riding sessions.

The Different Styles of Bikes Available in 2024

Bicycles have come a long way over the past several decades. No longer are road bikes and mountain bikes the premier options for hopeful cyclists—and they're generally not the ideal option for seniors—as the world has become filled with exciting choices.

Here are some top styles you might have your eye on as you start bike shopping this year:

  • Hybrid bikes are a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. Manufacturers wanted to make something incorporating the best of both styles to ensure comfort, speed and maneuverability of various terrains.
  • Comfort bikes are great for leisure bike riding and ease while doing so. The wide tires provide a cushion each time you hit a rough spot in the path.
  • Beach Cruisers are typically single-speed bicycles with balloon tires and tall handlebars. These bikes are casual, easy to ride, and what you might think of when you imagine riding a bike along a beach shore boardwalk.
  • Comfort Bikes are similar to cruisers but sometimes have more performance elements. They may feature front shocks on the forks and/or a suspension seat post for comfort.
  • Commuter bikes are built with a more relaxed geometry, making it more comfortable while remaining highly functional and up for the task of work commutes.
  • Tricycles, also known as adult trikes, are three-wheeled bicycles, like the small tricycle you had as a child. These adaptive tricycles are perfect if you suffer from balance issues. These bikes help spare any back pain since they feature an upright sitting position and three large wheels, with one in the front and two in the rear.

The Top 5 Best Bikes for Seniors Over 60 in 2024

So, it's time to start shopping for your new bike in 2024, and you still aren't quite sure what the best option is for you. Let's explore the top five best bikes for seniors over 60 this year.

3. KADOCHNIKOV Adult Hybrid Comfort Bike

This fun comfort hybrid bike comes in blue, coral and yellow and features a fun retro style. The comfort factor comes from the frame. You'll love the ergonomically designed rubber grips to help you feel secure at the handlebars and the adjustable seat to settle into your sitting specifications. The wheel fenders will keep dirt, dust and mud splashes off you, redirecting it all back to the road.

4. Retrospec Chatham Plus Aluminum Beach Cruiser

The Retrospec Chatham Plus Aluminum Beach Cruiser is the next step up from the original Chatham Beach Cruiser, adding some important features and components.

Here are the original features to consider:

  • Aluminum frame and step-thru crossbar
  • BigWave 26x2.4” tires for comfortable, smooth riding
  • Comfort Coastal Plus Saddle
  • Lock-on secure and no-slip handlebar grips
  • Coaster brake
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Upright riding position

5. Schwinn Largo 7 Cruiser Bike

Schwinn has been around since the 19th century, continually keeping up with trends and staying competitive. The company now also manufactures cruiser bikes like the Schwinn Largo 7 Cruiser Bike. This bike comes in various frame sizes to fit larger and broader frames to ensure everyone gets a chance to ride. The 21-inch frame model is suitable for 6 feet, six inches tall riders. Featuring a steel frame, that, while heavy, makes this durable bicycle. This bicycle features an American-era design that makes it eye-catching and fun.

Customize Your Bike to Accommodate Non-Exercise Related Activities

Now that you have a better idea of the bikes that are out there, remember that most bike sellers want you to customize your bicycle to make it your own and ensure your satisfaction. Regardless of the type of bike you buy or the activities you plan to take on, the right accessories can make every moment of time on your bike better and more comfortable and meaningful.

Here are some ways you might consider customizing your new bike:

  • Add a rear pannier rack and bag
  • Request a front basket
  • Include fenders

Consider some Additional Anti-Theft Security Measures

Anything you can do to put your personal touch on your bike will help you enjoy it more and prevent anyone from trying to steal it. However, you'll also need to take the appropriate precautions, such as buying sturdy locks, adding lights, and bringing it into an indoor location at night.

Get the Right Fit

Sizing is everything when buying a new bicycle, especially when your comfort is on the line. You'll need to enter your accurate height, weight, arm length and leg length to determine the bike size you'll need.

Get Ready to Love Your New Adventures in Biking Over 60 with the Right Bike

Congratulations on starting this exciting new phase of your life by investing in a bicycle! Focusing on your health and well-being and your social calendar with a new bike is impressive and inspirational to your friends, family, and anyone else paying attention. Remember as a senior over 60 getting back into biking it's important to be safe, always ride with a helmet and wear bright colors. Being safe is the number one most important thing when riding a bicycle, especially if you decide to ride in a bike lane.

Our team wants to help you find the best bike that will keep you active and safe for the foreseeable future and beyond. With so many options out there, we know making such a decision can be challenging, causing you to avoid deciding for fear of choosing something you won't ultimately love and ride daily. We can help you go over your current abilities, goals, aesthetic preferences and more to make sure you buy the best bike that will keep you happily riding.

Contact us to let us know if you have any questions about safe riding for seniors, and please ask about any bike styles or models we carry we might not have mentioned here.


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