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2022 Top 5 Best Beach Cruisers for Short Women

Many of us shorter women grew up relishing the chance to ride our big brother's awesome bikes. We could only get away with riding bikes too big for our body size because we were young, agile, lucky, and probably not very prudent. As petite women mature both physically and mentally, they may shy away from cycling because they don't think they can still perform the acrobatics needed to cope with a too-big bicycle.

Why Shorter Women May Have a Hard Time Finding the Right Bicycle

Even when women grow up and choose an adult bike for themselves, they often find that typical models don't fit well because the designers intended them to serve taller people. An improper fit means riders need to stretch to get on or off the bike's seat, and it's incredibly challenging to stop the cycle when your feet can't reach the ground.

Riding an improperly fitted bicycle also means stretching to reach the handlebars, which soon causes sore joints and aching backs.

Adult women, even smaller ones, often think they can only comfortably ride a girl's bicycle, designed for children or adolescents. Typically, these kids' bicycles have small wheels, poor performance and quality, and just as bad, immature styles and designs. Adult women need and deserve a cycle as sophisticated and well-performing as they are.

Beach and hybrid cruisers stand out as popular bicycle styles for casual cyclists. They generally perform well and feel comfortable on various surfaces. Even with these, manufacturers often design adult cycles for a so-called average body, so even typical women's beach cruisers might not accommodate most people shorter than about five feet four. Even if many women maintain their fitness well into adulthood, they realize that they need a safer and more comfortable bike. Sometimes, joints stiffen up, luck runs out, or sensible caution prevails.

As many women age, they gain wisdom and carry a bit more weight and stiffer joints. On the positive side, a few quality manufacturers design cycles with petite women's comfort, safety, and expectations in mind. Get some shopping tips and suggestions to find the best, safest, and most comfortable beach cruisers for shorter women.

How Can Shorter Women Shop for a Right-Sized Beach Cruiser Bicycle?

According to Cleveland Clinic, adult women in the United States average about five feet four inches tall. Shopping for the best beach cruiser can present a challenge for a woman who's closer to or even under five feet than the U.S. average height.

Also, even people of similar heights might not have precisely the same body proportions. For instance, some women may have longer or shorter legs, arms, and trunks. Thus, better bikes for shorter women will have adjustable features to allow for a perfect, comfortable fit. Some bike manufacturers also offer their bicycles in various sizes.

To compare beach cruisers that will work well for shorter ladies, keep these essential characteristics in mind:

  • Frame design: The frame design should make it easier for a smaller person to safely mount, dismount, and stop the bicycle with feet planted on the ground while seated.
  • Pedal position: The position of the pedals in relation to the seat should allow for easy reach and natural leg extensions, even with the seat dropped lower to the ground.
  • Seat and handlebars: The seat and handlebars should adjust to comfortably accommodate a natural seated position for women with different body proportions. Wider seats and padded grips can reduce vibrations to make longer rides enjoyable.
  • Weight: Alloy frames can offer both durability and lighter weight to make it easy to pick the cycle up to put it in storage on a bike rack. Less-expensive bikes may have steel frames, which makes them durable but heavier.
  • Tires: Most adults prefer 26-inch tires, though some adult cycles for extremely petite women may have 24-inch tires. Relatively wider tires than average street or racing bikes help absorb shock and improve handling on various surfaces.
  • Return policies: Scanning measurements of various components and manufacturer's suggestions for height and weight can help people estimate how well a bike will fit. Still, it might take a test ride to decide if the cycle's suitable. When shopping online, look for retailers with generous return policies.

The Top 5 Beach Cruisers for Shorter Women

Casual cycling on cruisers has grown popular as a way to exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and even commute or run errands. In response, dozens of companies offer this style of bike, but they're not all ideal for petite women. To make comparing beach cruiser bikes for shorter women easier, start shopping with these top five brands.

The rider can enjoy an upright position while cycling instead of sitting hunched over handlebars. The pedals rest a little forward of the seat to allow for comfortable extensions, even with the seat adjusted closer to the ground. Relatively wide tires, when compared to racing or street bikes, can handle beaches, dirt paths, and other uneven surfaces well. At the same time, this bicycle performs perfectly well on city streets. Thus, the same cycle can carry cyclists during weekend adventures, commutes, and other activities.

The bike's stylish design and multiple color options will draw plenty of compliments. The rear rack, fender, and optional basket make this bike great for transporting small cargo, like a picnic lunch or tablet computer. The EVRYjourney hybrid cruiser bike for women comes with multiple shifting options, from one to 21 speeds, and various designer colors.

The EVRYjourney woman's cycle can satisfy everybody from casual cyclists to serious bike tourists. The price for the alloy frame starts at $649, and SixThreeZero also offers a steel-frame version for $519. SixThreeZero offers free shipping anywhere in the United States, and a generous warranty and return policy.

The wide, shock-absorbent tires and vibration-free and ergonomic design will give women a chance to rediscover the joy of cycling, even if they haven't ridden for years or decades. The bicycle comes in a choice of colors and offers a one- or seven-speed gearing option. The Around the Block also provides a rear rack, connections for an optional basket and other accessories, and a wide seat with soft handlebars.

While the designers did not intend this bike for rigorous rides, they designed it perfectly for stable, safe treks on various kinds of terrain. The two-inch-wide, 26-inch diameter tires offer extra shock absorption while making the cycle easy to handle.

As with all its high-quality bikes, Sixthreezero offers generous warranty options, a simple return policy, and free shipping to all 50 states. The price starts at an affordable $360, making the Around the Block an excellent choice for a starter bike. Find out more about the Around the Block woman's comfort bike.

Electra Townie Original 7D

These beach bikes offer an attractive, retro appearance that might remind some older folks of the Schwinn bikes they rode when they were kids. Like the SixThreeZero bikes profiled above, the design also positions the pedals forward of the seat, so cyclists can extend their legs and still put their feet down flat to stop.

The manufacturer suggests this cycle for riders from four feet eleven inches to six feet tall. However, some reviewers on retail sites commented that they needed to stand on their tiptoes to stop. Again, various riders may have different body proportions. Still, it's probably best for shorter women to recheck the measurements or take a test ride to make sure the bike fits them perfectly.

These beach cruisers offer seven-speed gearing and handlebar brakes. They're a popular choice in ritzy beach locations and hotels, probably because of the style and comfort. Expect to pay at least $629 for this premium cycle.

Retrospec Chatham Beach Cruiser

This relatively affordable beach cruiser offers a perky, vintage design and customization options, like optional baskets and even old-style banana seats. Like the other bikes, this beach cruiser has a step-through frame to make it easy to mount.

Unlike the other cycles mentioned here, it's a simple, one-speed bike with a coaster brake operating by pedaling backward. Some people enjoy the simplicity of this traditional bike style. The manufacturer recommends using this steel bike mostly on flat, paved terrain.

The Retrospec Chatam offers several color options, a plush seat, and foam grips. Shop around to find this cycle on sale for about $329. It can provide a good choice for people who plan to take simple rides along the boardwalk, but it might not offer the best option for tackling sand or other uneven surfaces.

Linus Dutchi 1

Most of the cycles previewed have an updated retro appearance, which has grown increasingly popular. The Linus Dutchi 1 offers a more modern, streamlined appearance, and some women might find that look more appealing. The cycle's thinner tubes, leather grips, and muted color choices give the Dutchi 1 a sleek, sophisticated look.

This cycle comes in various sizes, but the small one should suit many riders under five foot two. It's a one-speed with coaster brakes, making it simple to operate. The lack of gears makes this bike more suitable for relatively short, relaxed rides over fairly even ground than long tours with lots of hills or bumps. This cycle retails for $489.

Why Buy a Bike Specifically Designed With Shorter Women in Mind?

Some petite women don't realize they can buy an adult bicycle designed with their body proportions in mind. They might turn to a child's bike, designed for adolescent girls. However, these kids' bikes aren't likely to perform as well as a high-quality adult bike, and besides, they often have immature design touches that won't appeal to adult tastes.

Quality manufacturers produce adult bikes that can accommodate shorter limbs safely and comfortably. Plus, the bikes and their riders will look fantastic during the ride.

Fashionable colors and frames make them fun to ride and show off. Even women who don't live near the beach will appreciate the upright seated position, relatively wide tires, comfortable seats, and padded handgrips. These features offer a relaxed riding position that relieves back, legs, and joint stress. They also make these bikes safer because they handle well and make it easy to stop and step on or off the bike.

The Advantages of Beach or Hybrid Cruiser Bikes

Beach cruisers and hybrid cruisers make sense for people who live near beaches or hundreds of miles away from large bodies of water. They can generally handle various terrains easily, so many people ride them on the street, on dirt pathways, or even in the snow.

Wider tires and durable, stable frames make this kind very popular with vacationers and casual cyclists because they're easy to ride, comfortable, and relatively safe. Also, bike brands don't just design these bikes for performance, comfort, and durability. They generally offer fashionable designs, appealing color choices, and various accessories to make them unique and practical.

Ready to relive the joy of riding a bicycle? Find the perfect beach cruiser for shorter women or even not-so-short women today.


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