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2022 Best Tricycles for Plus Sized Riders

One of the most frustrating issues for heavy people is finding ways to exercise, especially if they love bike riding. It can be a challenge to locate brands and models to support plus-sized bodies.

In many ways, it is a catch-22 issue. Bike riding is a good option for weight loss, but only if the bike can accommodate your current weight. If you are searching for an adult tricycle designed for a bigger body, we can help. Consider some of the top adult tricycles on the market to handle the plus--sized rider.

Is Bike Riding Good for Weight Loss?

Biking is low-impact and a cardio workout option. It allows you to get your heart pumping without unnecessary strain on critical joints like the knees, hips, and ankles.

It's also a wonderful strategy to help you lose weight. This is because cycling can burn many calories, especially if you go faster than a moderate pace.

Does Riding an Adult Tricycle Offer the Same Health Benefits?

If you have a large body frame, riding an adult tricycle might even provide more health benefits.

It’s a More Comfortable Ride

Riding a tricycle might be easier on your back, neck, and shoulders. Riding can be less risky than riding a bicycle. With less fear, you can exercise for longer and more frequently.

Trikes Are Easier To Manage

The adult tricycle is the best option for those with some medical problems. Stroke survivors commonly use adult trikes to gain the cardiovascular and physical benefits of cycling. Many age-related illnesses are reduced by exercise. Staying active can help you avoid heart disease and diabetes, for instance.

Exercise can help people with certain disorders stay healthy and need less medicine. For example, exercise minimizes the risk of falls in seniors by boosting strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Physical activity regularly can also help to boost cognitive abilities.

Adult Tricycles Are Easier on Joints

Adult trikes enable those with limited strength, balance, and mobility to get the same physical advantages as other bikers. Adult tricycles can offer a low-impact workout better for the bones and joints. This allows larger riders to get all those advantages of aerobic workouts – all without the fear of falling or strain on the joints. Adult trikes will enable you to improve your mobility, posture, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

The three wheels of an adult trike reduce your chance of falling compared to a two-wheeler. The comfortable ride may also reduce lower back discomfort that frequently accompanies bike riding, especially for the larger rider.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Adult Tricycle

The first thing to check is maximum weight. This indicates how much weight the adult tricycle can safely manage. The maximum weights will typically go from 250 lbs to 600 lbs for industrial tricycles. The average weight is closer to 300lbs, which is big enough for most people.

Wheel Size

Like most bikes, adult tricycle sizes are reported as wheel size. Depending on the rider's height, small wheels may assist in getting on or off the bike. Larger wheel sizes let riders travel longer distances and carry greater loads. You want a low enough frame to the ground, so your feet will be in contact with it.

The Saddle Size

Manufacturers will offer different seat types. You want one that is sturdy enough to support your back and spread out enough to balance your weight. When riding, your knees align with the balls of your feet.

Handlebar Style

On adult tricycles, handlebars come in a variety of styles. Sit on the bike before purchasing to verify that you can easily reach the handlebars. Bending forward puts additional tension on your back, hips, and shoulders.

The seat height and handlebar adjustability will most influence a rider's size. When measuring your adult tricycle, consider how simple it will be to get on and off, how low or high the seat can go, how flexible the handlebars are, and how your legs will be positioned when pedaling.

What matters most when you ride any bike is your safety and comfort. This is one area that stands out with adult tricycles regardless of the rider's size. The three-wheel design offers more stability and less strain.

What You Need to Know to Buy an Adult Tricycle

Of course, not all adult tricycles are created equally. You’ll want to do research before shopping to ensure you get the style and fit best for your needs. An excellent place to start is with style.

Adult tricycles come in various designs, each with its benefits and downsides. Some standard options include:

  • Upright – This is the most common style on the market. As the name suggests, you will sit upright as your ride. It has a step-through frame, so you can get on and off the bike quickly without a struggle.
  • Semi-recumbent – A semi-recumbent trike has a longer rear seat, allowing you to stretch out your legs further. This is a sensible option for someone who wants the pedals to be easier to reach. This is also a practical option for heavier riders.
  • Recumbent – The seat and pedals of a recumbent adult tricycle are aligned. This reclining position lets you appropriately distribute your body weight and be more comfortable, especially if you have back problems.
  • Electric – Electric tricycles include a motor and a battery to make riding more convenient. In addition, the engine can provide a little more push while you cycle. This is useful if you fatigue easily or bike too far. It also makes biking uphill or against the wind more comfortable.
  • Folding – A folding tricycle allows you to store the bike easier. A folding trike is somewhat smaller than a conventional tricycle, but it folds up for storage. That is a significant benefit for someone who does not have a lot of room.
  • Chopper – Chopper tricycles look similar to chopper motorcycles. That is the purpose of this unique design. The frame sits lower to the ground, and the small front well extends forward, putting the front of the frame at a slant.

Weight Limits

Once you pick a style, consider the weight limit. When you see a maximum weight listed, keep in mind that it includes the rider, the bike weight, and any cargo the trike must carry. The higher the number, the better if you have significant body weight due to body mass or height.

Weight limits matter on adult tricycles. If you exceed it, it can make the trike more challenging to manage when you ride, which can be a safety issue.


Finally, what features are you looking for on your adult trike? For example, how many gears do you want? While having a bike with several gears may seem like a necessary feature, most individuals do not utilize them. Instead, some riders prefer one-gear single-speed adult tricycles, so they don’t worry about the gears.

Seat Options

There are different options for saddles, too. You can purchase an adult tricycle with a backrest, for example, or add one after you buy. Higher backrests offer more support and are common on semi-recumbent and recumbent adult tricycles.

Different Handlebars

Handlebars are another area where you will find many different options. The traditional curved handlebars typically are best for someone with good upper body strength. Loop handlebars offer better grips and may be the optimal choice if you are less upper body control.

Keep in mind chopper handlebars are really about looking cool more than anything else. However, they require good arm, shoulder, and hand strength to control.

2022 Best Tricycles for Plus Sized Riders

It can still be hard to find what you want even after doing your research, so let us help. These are our choices for the five top adult tricycles for plus-sized riders in 2022.

1. EVRYjourney by Sixthreezero

The design experts at Sixthreezero work to create bikes for every type of rider. That includes tricycles that work well for the heavier individual. For example, the EVRYjourney adult tricycle offers a revolutionary riding position that suits that person with a larger body frame. Sitting upright allows the rider to feel more natural while riding.

It also includes a forward pedaling motion that allows the rider to sit closer to the ground. As a result, lower frames are easier to climb on and off without struggling.

The seat is extra-wide to help disburse weight more evenly. That means a more comfortable ride the longer you stay on the trike.

The weight range for this adult trike from Sixthreezero is 300lbs, accommodating most people, even those plus-size riders who might struggle to find a good fit. It also works well for heights from 4’10” to 6’, allowing even taller people to ride quickly.

Some features that stand out for the EVRYjourney include:

  • Strong, aluminum frame
  • Steel headset
  • Aluminum alloy wheels
  • Semi-slick cruiser tires
  • 7-speeds with a Shimano Revo shifter

Part of the appeal of the adult bikes from Sixthreezero is customer service. The Bodyfit feature allows you to buy an adult tricycle guaranteed to fit you comfortably.

2. BodyEase by Sixthreezero

The BodyEase adult tricycle from Sixthreezero has much of the same appeal as the EVRYjourney with a few key differences. This trike also accommodates up to 300lbs and a height of 6’. It offers a duel-spring saddle that also gives your extra back and hip support.

The EVRYjourney has forward-pedaling, while BodyEase provides vertical pedaling options. The pedal position is aligned right below the hips, so you push downward with your feet to move.

BodyEase has many of the same features, too, such as:

  • Strong, aluminum frame
  • Steel headset
  • Aluminum alloy wheels
  • Semi-slick cruiser tires
  • 7-speeds with a Shimano Revo shifter

Of course, since Sixthreezero also makes BodyEase, you have access to BodyFit to get the right size for your needs.

3. Ridgeyard Heavy Duty Adult Tricycle

The Ridgeyard Heavy Duty Industrial Tricycle also manages up to 300lbs for rider and cargo. It comes with six speeds and a large padded seat with a backrest. The large steel basket can hold just about anything.

Some unique features include:

  • Upright handlebars for a more comfortable ride
  • 24” alloy rims
  • High tensile steel frame

This bike also offers an adjustable handlebar.

4. Husky Industrial Single Speed Tricycle

Husky 24” industrial tricycle is built to carry larger bodies and cargo. This adult tricycle can handle up to 500lbs. The curved frame makes this model easy to mount and dismount. The rear cargo basket is made of steel, too, so it can carry more.

The Husky model is single-speed, so there is no need to worry about changing gears. Other features include:

  • Industrial grade quality
  • 500lbs weight capacity
  • Yellow, black and gold finish
  • Shimano brakes
  • Front and rear fenders
  • Safety parking lever

The heavier adult trikes are built not just for recreational riding. They can stand commercial use, as well, because they can handle larger cargo weights.

5. Worksman Personal Activity Vehicle 3-Speed Deluxe Semi-Recumbent Tricycle

The Workman Personal Activity adult tricycle is a semi-recumbent bike built to handle more weight – up to 600lbs. It offers an adjustable padded seat with both armrests and a backrest.

It has a steal basked in the back and three speeds. Other features include:

  • Front drum brake
  • Standard coaster brake
  • Industrial-grade frame
  • High-density foam grips

It also comes in a variety of colors.

For more information about adult tricycles for every body type, check out Sixthreezero. You’ll find what you need in our virtual showroom.


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