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2022 Best Forward Pedaling Bicycle

What is a Forward Pedaling Bike?

Traditional street bikes usually position the pedals at the bottom of the seat post, so riders extend their legs straight down when they pedal. In contrast, a forward pedaling bike frame may angle the seat post forward to position the crank slightly ahead of the rider's seat instead of directly underneath it.

Some people also refer to this type of bike as a comfort, crank-forward, or even a semi-recumbent bike. A true recumbent bike positions the rider in almost a reclining position and puts the pedals in line with or just above or below the rider's hips. In contrast, the frames of forward pedaling bicycles resemble that of typical bikes with only some subtle differences.

The cyclist sits upright on a forward pedaling bike. The pedals still rest at the bottom of the frame, but they sit a few inches forward of the spot where the rider's legs would fall if they held them straight down or stood over the seat. These seemingly minor differences can offer riders significant advantages, including comfort and safety.

Benefits of Forward Pedaling Bicycles

Primarily, the forward position of the crank and pedals gives riders more room to extend their legs to pedal. This alignment allows cyclists to lower the seat closer to the ground. Otherwise, many riders adjust the cycle for the optimal pedaling position and find they can't touch the ground with flat feet to stop.

Not having long enough legs to touch the ground makes balancing the bike to stop awkward and sometimes unsafe. With the seat lower to the ground, cyclists can put their feet down flat on the ground for safer stops.

A lower seat can also make it easier for cyclists to mount and dismount the bicycle. Often, forward pedaling bikes also have step-thru frames with low or even no top tubes, making it easier to get on or off the bike. The forward position also lets the rider sit in a more natural seated position, relieving pressure on the hip bones and spine.

Thus, the significant benefits of forward pedaling bikes include:

  • The comfortable sitting position will provide an excellent option for people who tend to develop aches and pains in sensitive areas when they're riding a typical road or racing bike.
  • A lower seat makes it possible to stand flat-footed when the cycle's stopped, and it can also make it easier to mount or dismount. This benefit makes forward pedaling bikes safer and more accessible.
  • Since the pedals still sit at the bottom of the frame, riders can stand on the pedals if they choose, unlike recumbent bikes.
  • Also, unlike recumbent bikes, the riders sit upright to enjoy better visibility. It's easier to see the rider, and it's easier for the rider to see.

What is the Best Forward Pedaling Bicycle in 2022?

Several premium bike brands have begun to offer forward pedaling bicycles these days. For the best balance of price, quality, comfort, and versatility, consider the EVRYjourney from SixThreeZero. This bicycle falls under the category of hybrid cruisers because it combines features of popular bike styles to optimize rider comfort and performance.

A hybrid bicycle, like the EVRYjourney, offers riders the beneficial features of road bikes and mountain bikes. For instance:

  • This bicycle has a tire width between average road bikes and mountain bikes. The compromise makes the bike perform well on various surfaces, though it may lack the speed of a street bike and the ability to climb the rugged inclines of a mountain bike.
  • The bicycle also uses flat handlebars rather than drop-down handlebars, so riders don't need to hunch down to steer. This choice lets cyclists enjoy an upright seated position for comfort and visibility.

The designers never intended the EVRYjourney for the extreme uses of specialized cycles, like competitive racing or extreme mountain biking. Instead, the combination of features makes the EVRYjourney an extremely versatile bicycle.

Forward Pedaling at its Best

As demonstrated in this video about forward pedaling bikes from SixThreeZero, the crankshaft sits slightly forward of the seat instead of directly underneath it. That means this bike offers full-sized, 26-inch tires, and riders can still lower the seat to let them put their feet flat on the ground for a stop. At the same time, the cyclists can extend their legs to pedal, so they won't feel like they're cramped up on a kid's bike.

An Ergonomic Frame Design

The well-considered design of the EVRYjourney bicycle accounts for many factors that make bikes more comfortable to ride. For instance, the seat and handlebars will adjust to provide riders with different heights and body proportions with a comfortable, upright seated position. The adjustable frame can accommodate most riders from five feet to six feet four inches tall and weights up to 300 pounds.

This ergonomic design encourages cyclists to ride longer and more often. People with shorter legs or arms won't need to balance on tiptoe to stop or stretch to reach the handlebars. Many cyclists have struggled with these problems on other bikes and can't believe how good they feel when riding the EVRYjourney.

The lightweight aluminum frame offers a step-thru design without a high top tube. A lower top tube makes the bicycle much easier to mount or dismount, keeping cycling accessible for shorter or less agile folks.

An Unbelievably Smooth Ride

This hybrid cruiser offers relatively wide tires when compared to a typical street bike. The advantages of these wider wheels include extra shock absorption and better handling on various surfaces, such as streets, dirt bike trails, waterside boardwalks, and sandy beaches. EVRYjourney owners have likened the sensation of riding this bicycle to gliding along on air, which is not a comparison the riders of most bikers would make.

Soft handgrips also help absorb vibrations, which can numb hands during extended rides on many other bicycles. The soft, extra-wide seat sits on springs to absorb road shocks, preventing all-too-common pain or numbing of the rear.

Performance and Convenience Features

The EVRYjourney offers seven gears, so riders can shift to account for climbing or descending hills or riding on flat surfaces. Multiple gears make this bicycle much more versatile than many cruisers that only offer one gear for everything.

The cycle also comes with a rear rack, and buyers can choose an optional basket for carrying purchases, books, or lunch along as they ride. Other accessories, like water cages, phone holders, lights, mirrors, or baby seats, also attach to unique snap-on points, making this bicycle easy to customize.

EVRYjourney Forward Pedaling Bike Options

With the EVRYjourney bicycle, SixThreeZero offers the right balance of features to satisfy most riders who plan to enjoy a slow-to-brisk pace and various terrains. The company didn't stop at just offering one model of this bike. For example:

  • They have a men's and a women's version. Both versions have a step-thru frame, but the men's top tube rests higher than the women's.
  • The company also offers a smaller version with 24-inch tires for riders from four feet four inches to five feet tall. This bicycle might suit adolescents or more petite adult riders.
  • Besides the lightweight aluminum frame, the EVRYjourney also comes with a steel frame, which costs less. Aluminum weighs less, but some people like the less-rigid feeling of steel frames.
  • SixThreeZero also offers the EVRYjourney as an electric bicycle for riders who would enjoy obtaining some assistance from a quiet, efficient electric motor. Electric cycle riders can still pedal for exercise, but the pedal can extend the cyclist's speed and range.

These bikes don't just feel good to ride. They also look great. They mostly resemble perky beach cruisers with a glossy finish and an updated retro appearance. Plus, customers can choose between fashionable colors. Color choices may depend upon the EVRYjourney model chosen.

Why Buy a Comfort Bike?

Some cyclists want to buy specialized bikes, like racing or mountain bikes. Features that make a bicycle particularly well suited to a specific activity will matter more than comfort to these riders. Still, most folks buy a bike for transportation, fun, and fitness, so they have little interest in extreme cycling sports. Instead of using their two-wheelers for competition against other cyclists, these riders simply want to keep improving their own experience.

Comfort bike designers focus on riders instead of making the fastest or most rugged bicycles. They develop bicycles that will perform safely and adequately for various uses instead of bikes that perform exceptionally well in one instance. The rider-centered design makes this type ideal for typical people who want to enjoy cycling more because their bike spares them from aches and pains to enable longer and more frequent rides.

Many people remember the experience of cycling from their youths, and they're surprised by the smooth, gliding ride they can enjoy. Older, less limber, heavier, or shorter riders and people who haven't cycled in years should feel particularly satisfied with this bicycle style. In particular, comfort bikes perform best for commuting to school or work, riding with friends or bike clubs, trekking around city streets or bike paths, and as a form of low-impact exercise.

Are Hybrid, Comfort, and Cruiser Bikes the Same Thing?

Some people refer to the EVRYjourney bicycle model as a hybrid comfort cruiser. Sometimes, cyclists use these terms interchangeably, but they don't technically mean precisely the same thing.

For example:

  • Hybrid bikes borrow specific features from different types of bikes to create general-purpose bicycles that suit everyday activities. These cycles perform and handle well on common types of surfaces, like streets, paths, or beaches.
  • Comfort bikes include features that focus on developing an ergonomic frame for more accessible rides. They offer relaxed rider positions, smooth rides, and easy access.
  • A cruiser bike offers an upright seated position ideally suited for recreational or relaxed riding. They're the type of bike frequently seen around beaches, parks, and neighborhoods. They generally have a somewhat retro, stylish design that includes fashionable colors and designer accents.

The brilliant bike designers found that they could combine these concepts to produce multi-purpose bikes that satisfy people's expectations who buy cruisers, hybrids, and comfort bikes. They're also stylish, durable, perky bicycles that perform well, look great, and last for years.

How SixThreeZero Makes Bike Shopping Better

SixThreeZero doesn't just offer better bikes. This bike company also makes it easier for customers to confidently select, customize, and order bicycles. SixThreeZero has a handy online tool to help riders choose the best bicycle depending on their size and weight.

The company also makes other styles of bicycles beside the EVRYjourney comfort hybrid cycle. Cyclists can choose the best option for their own personal style. If the information on the site doesn't answer every question, friendly, knowledgeable customer service reps will pick up the phone to help.

SixThreeZero understands that no amount of pictures, videos, specs, and phone conversations can always communicate the feel of a bicycle. They offer a generous return policy if recipients find the bike they chose fails to meet their expectations. The company also provides warranty options to help customers feel confident that the cycle will continue to perform as expected and offer help if the unexpected happens.

Get started by finding out more about the SixThreeZero EVRYjourney comfort cruiser with forward pedaling. Make sure the fitting guide says "it's a fit" and confidently order. Then sit back and start planning your rediscovery of the benefits of cycling on a high-quality bike made for comfort and performance.


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