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2022 Best Bikes for Plus Size Riders

During the pandemic, many people managed to add a few extra pounds. After all, stay-at-home orders and social distancing generated stressful changes in people's lives. These abrupt disruptions also forced everybody to do without trips to the gym and with easy access to the fridge and food delivery apps. All of these factors combined make it easy to pack on some weight.

Even in typical times, some people appear to store fat faster and lose it more slowly than others. Also, body types vary, and healthy people come in various shapes and sizes. If it's time to lose some weight, improve your overall fitness, or enjoy mood-boosting outdoor fun, consider cycling as an excellent choice for a low-impact, accessible, set-your-own-pace form of exercise.

Some fitness buffs say there's no gain without pain. They obviously haven't spent much time cycling. Cycling feels more like a fun activity than a workout.

A relaxed bike tour around the neighborhood, a quick ride to the corner store, or even commuting to work by bicycle can help tone muscles, burn calories, and improve moods.

As transportation, bicycles also don't require expensive gasoline and produce no harmful emissions. Bicycling offers the perfect fitness solution because it doesn't need to hurt to help.

Top 5 Bicycles for Plus-Sized Cyclists in 2022

Just as people of various heights should research the type and size of bike they need, heavier cyclists should consider the best models and kinds of bicycles to accommodate their unique body type. With that in mind, consider this year's best bikes for plus-sized cyclists.

Riders can also accessorize the EVRYjourney with snap-on accessories, like a basket, reflectors, bottle cage, and lights. They can also customize this stylish bike by choosing between fashionable colors. SixThreeZero offers this cycle with a choice of gearing systems, including one, three, seven, and 21 speeds to suit different riding styles. For instance, a one-speed bike offers simplicity, but multiple speeds will help riders power through inclines.

A fashionable design and a choice of stylish colors will draw plenty of compliments. Plus, the seven-speed gearing helps riders navigate over various surfaces and inclines. Full-sized, two-inch tires, an extra-wide seat, and soft handle grips make riding this thing feel like gliding on air. See if the Relaxed Body comfort cycle from SixThreeZero will help you discover the joy of cycling.

Tern Verge D9 Folding Bike

The Tern Verge D9 stands out because it has a weight capacity of 265 pounds, and it's a folding bike. The manufacturer says it can adjust to accommodate cyclists from four feet six to six feet two. The lightweight aluminum frame and compact frame make it a good choice for riders who want a bike they can store in small spaces or load into a car trunk for road trips. The patented grip system also makes it easy to carry on one shoulder.

Hydraulic brakes, a nine-speed gearing system, and 22-inch wheels also offer a surprisingly good experience riding for a folding bike. While this bicycle won't provide the comfortably smooth experience of one of the SixThreeZero cycles discussed above, it's an excellent choice for a folding bike for people who weigh over 200 pounds.

Zize Bikes 29er Max 2.0 Bariatric Bike

This bicycle stands out as the most expensive option on the list. Still, it supports a weight capacity of up to 465 pounds and can accommodate cyclists from five feet seven up to seven feet tall. The manufacturer specifically tested this bicycle for its ability to support larger people, so it's the "big and tall" version of a bike.

Like the SixThreeZero bikes, the design allows for an upright seated position. The alloy frame offers surprising strength for a lightweight bicycle too. The manufacturer also chose or developed the wheels, brakes, and other components for durability. The $2,500 price tag might strain many people's budgets, but it's a solid choice for taller riders who weigh too much for one of the SixThreeZero bikes.

Cannondale Trail 7 Mountain Bike

Even heavier people who don't plan to navigate mountainsides might consider a mountain bike because this bicycle style has heavier frames and wheels than typical street bikes. They also tend to ride lower to the ground, making them easier to mount, dismount, and stop for shorter people.

The Cannondale Trail 7 offers a solid suspension, lightweight frame, and durable brakes. This model supports riders up to 330 pounds and from four feet six to six feet three. The gearing system could be more precise, but the cycle provides a relatively comfortable ride.

Essential Shopping Tips for Plus-Sized Bicycle Riders

Hopefully, these suggestions can help inform bicycle shopping decisions by demonstrating popular options for heavier riders. Many of these cycles also make good choices for anybody who hasn't cycled for a while or suffers from stiff joints or other mobility issues.

Tire and Wheel Size

Racing and street bikes use skinny, high-pressure wheels to enhance speed, but they're not ideal for comfortable, relaxed rides. Those thin wheels also usually aren't designed to support bigger riders. Wider wheels tend to improve handling on various surfaces, and the extra inflation helps absorb shocks and road vibrations, so they provide cyclists with a smoother ride and more durability.

Structural Weight Limits

Manufacturers will provide suggested weight limits. Keep in mind that this figure usually includes the total weight carried and not just the rider's weight. Cyclists who plan to carry cargo or their pets and kids need to account for the additional load. To ensure a long bicycle lifespan, it's best to leave some margin for error.


Anyone who's watched racers fly along a track has seen them hunched over their handlebars while trying to squeeze extra speed from their two-wheelers. Most plus-sized cyclists won't care as much about competition as comfort. Thus, comfort or hybrid bikes that offer an upright seated position will probably give heavier riders a better option to begin their cycling journeys. Wider seats, soft handlebars, and even the position of the pedals can all contribute to a better experience.

Frame Type

Hybrid and comfort bikes combine the best features of mountain and street bikes to offer versatile vehicles that riders can use to enjoy commuting, bike trails, beaches, and city streets. Designers did not develop these bikes for extremes, but most cyclists don't need to race or navigate mountain passes. Also, step-thru frames feature low, sloping bars, making the bikes easier to stop, dismount, and mount. This design makes this kind of bicycle more accessible for heavier, shorter, or less flexible riders.

Conventional Vs. E-Bike

Studies have found that e-bikes offer just as much exercise as regular bikes, but it won't feel like such hard work. For example, SixThreeZero offers many ergonomic frames in either traditional or e-bike versions. The motor and battery will add to the price. On the other hand, many cyclists find that pedal-assist mode with an electric motor helps them get started and stick with their bicycling adventures.

Test Rides and Warranties

The perfect bicycle for one 250-pound, five-foot-five person may not suit another. Even people with roughly the same weights or heights can have different body proportions, weight distributions, cycling habits, and preferences. Thus, the height and weight guides might not offer enough information to figure out how well a bicycle will fit any one individual.

Offline or online, look for bike sellers that provide excellent return or test ride policies. Individual differences make the chance to enjoy a test ride critical. Sometimes, the best bike for many people with certain body types won't serve as the perfect bike for you. Also, sometimes it takes several rides for issues to show up, so it's good to check to ensure the warranty policy offers enough time to run the bike through its paces multiple times.

Convenience and Safety Gear

Yes, you should wear a proper helmet to protect your head in case of accidents. Some helmets offer extra features, including face shields and lights or reflectors. A few helmets even come with built-in Bluetooth for communication or listening to music or the news. Good helmets also have elements that help protect against various climate conditions, like vents that open and close and visors or face shields.

Also, look for bikes that either come with or allow the easy attachment of lights, reflectors, water bottle cages, and even rearview mirrors. Ensuring visibility will significantly improve safety and comfort. To make bicycles versatile, they should also provide attachments for baskets, child or pet carriers, and even smartphones or other gear.

Rediscover the Joy of Cycling Today

Marley Blonsky advocates for cyclists and in particular, heavier people who enjoy riding bikes. This avid, plus-sized cyclist advises plus-sized people to connect with others. She says to find comfortable clothes, and as for what anybody else thinks, that's none of your business!

Some suggestions for finding a biking tribe include joining groups, signing up for charity rides, and looking for a local bike club. Ms. Blonsky says joining a group can feel intimidating initially, but novice riders have to start somewhere. These groups tend to welcome and encourage new cyclists. Sometimes, finding a biking tribe can help newer cyclists remain accountable and feel supported to encourage them to stick to their new cycling lifestyle.

Of course, the first step includes buying a good bike for your body type. SixThreeZero offers an online bike fitting guide, a wide selection of cycles, free U.S. shipping, and excellent customer service. Customers can confidently shop because of the company's excellent customer service, relaxed return policy, and great warranty options.


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