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2024 Women's Electric Bike Buying Guide: Best Sixthreezero eBikes For Women

Updated On: February 26, 2024

If you want to get into better shape but you're not confident in your exercise abilities, purchasing an electric bike is a great way to account for your fitness level. You can turn on the motor when you get tired or you're starting a big hill, and you can turn it off when you feel like pumping your legs or enjoying a downhill slope. Here's your guide to the best women's electric bikes so that you can choose the one that works for you.

Stylish, Quality Electric Bikes For Women

If you're looking for an electric bike, you can't go wrong with one of sixthreezero's new models. Sixthreezero prioritizes comfort instead of speed, so each bike's seat is engineered to stay comfortable after hours of riding. To keep your back and spine in better shape, all the bikes' handlebars allow you to ride upright instead of leaning over the bike like a racer. 

If you're looking for women's bikes, consider a model that accounts for your body shape without sacrificing your comfort or speed. Women's bikes tend to have shorter frames than men's bikes because the average woman is shorter than the average man. For the same reason, the reach distance, or the distance between your handlebars and seat, is also shorter. The handlebars themselves are narrower to account for the smaller size of most women's shoulders.

Bestselling Women's Electric Bikes 2024

If you're looking for the 2024 women's electric bikes that everyone is talking about, consider the EVRYjourney 250W bike. This seven-speed bike comes with a step-thru frame so you don't have to worry about mounting it, and it has a 250-Watt motor to help you up the hills. Like most women's electric bikes, when you're using the motor alone, you can cruise at up to 15 miles per hour, and you can reach 24 miles per hour if you pedal, too. It's available with teal and navy frames.

Another popular model is the AroundtheBlock 250W bike. With a beach cruiser design, this bike is easy and comfortable to ride even if you haven't been on a bike in a long time. Its seven speeds allow you to choose the right setting for your abilities, and its motor is quiet, making it perfect for early-morning rides. Choose between mint green and teal blue frames.

Take things up a notch with the AroundtheBlock 500W bike. The motor's higher power capabilities allow you to ride faster and longer than on 250-Watt bikes, but this bike doesn't sacrifice the comfort of less powerful models. It's available in mint green and teal blue.

If you have problems with your knees, back, or hips, the EVRYjourney 500W bike is the model for you. Designed to take your comfort to the next level, this bike comes with a step-thru frame, and the low pedaling system makes it hard to fall over. It's available with cream, teal, navy, or mint green frames.

For extra stability, think about the EVRYjourney FATTire 500W bike. Its thick wheels and step-thru design give you extra peace of mind when you're starting and stopping, and the pedals are close to the ground for maximum comfort. Choose between teal and navy frames.

Choosing an Electric Bike For Your Body Type

If you're picking a new electric bike, it's essential to keep your body type in mind so that you choose a bike that fits you. If you pick a bike that's too small, you might feel cramped as you ride, and you may struggle to stay upright. If you pick a bike that's too big, you may have a hard time reaching the pedals or brakes. As a result, before you start shopping for bikes, measure yourself and check your weight. 

Most women's bikes are rated for up to 250 pounds, and they fit riders who are between five feet and six feet and four inches tall. Make sure to check your model's size specifications to ensure that the same standards apply. If you're heavier or taller than these limits, consider a men's electric bike. Remember, the more comfortable you are on your bike, the more likely you are to ride it, so don't be afraid to choose a bike that fits your body type.

Where To Ride Your Electric Bike

Once you've purchased an electric bike, there are many places you can ride it. If you love to visit the beach, an electric bike is the perfect addition to your vacation plans. Most beach towns are fairly flat, so you can ride for miles with the help of your motor. Because your bike's motor is so quiet, you can even get up for a dawn bike ride along the beach without disturbing your fellow beach-goers who are still snoozing.

Electric bikes are also great for hilly terrain, whether you're trying out a trail or just biking through your hill-filled neighborhood. If you want to get a good workout in, you can turn your motor off and pump your legs to get to the top of the hill. If you're just getting started with biking or you're at the end of a long ride, flip on the motor to get some help with the next challenge. 

If you're interested in lowering your environmental impact or you don't have space for a car, your electric bike is an excellent way to get to work. Turn on the motor on your way to work so that you don't get sweaty before you arrive, and choose a step-thru frame so that you can wear any of your dress clothes on the bike. On the way home, you can rely on the motor again or get out your frustration with the workday by pedaling. Because electric bikes usually go faster than you can pedal on your own, you don't need to worry about being late for your first meeting.

Get into shape, take your fitness journey to the next level, or enjoy the great outdoors by choosing the women's electric bike that's right for you.


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