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2021 Best Women's Comfort Bikes by Sixthreezero

Updated On: July 21, 2021

While COVID smacked our world upside its proverbial head, it also helped some of us make positive lifestyle changes. Social distancing prompted people to look at new alternatives – riding bikes instead of driving cars, for instance. So you’re probably not the only one looking for the best womens comfort bikes. But with so many bikes out there, how do you pick one that’s right for you? This quick guide can help you make sense of your options. With the wide range of models available from companies like sixthreezero, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

Top Women's Comfort Bikes by Sixthreezero

When shopping for a women's bike for casual riding, style is everything. And by style, we mean a bike with specific features to make your ride enjoyable and comfortable. With that said, you’ll want to check out some great offerings from sixthreezero. The EVRYJourney and Pave N’ Trail are two of its popular models. 

The EVRYJourney is a hybrid cruiser designed for both recreation and commuting. Like Around the Block, it also features a vertical ergonomically-geared riding position. Soft synthetic leather grips are easy on your hands. It comes in several editions including the EVRYJourney 24-Inch Bike. Designed for riders up to 5 feet tall, the 24-inch edition easily accommodates people with shorter arms. There’s also the EVRYJourney Deluxe plus the EVRYJourney Steel and the EVRYJourney Fat Tire.

The Pave N’ Trail is a commuter comfort bike that’s designed for speed and agility. With its easy-mount step-through frame and agile hybrid tires, it excels in recreation and commuter riding. This lightweight model performs best on paved surfaces and trails.

Comfort Bikes for Older Women

Sixthreezero is all about options. The Pave N’ Trail and EVRYJouney are superb bikes for experienced riders, regardless of their age. But don’t overlook the Around the Block and Body Ease – both excellent comfort bikes for senior women.

New riders or people getting back into biking should consider the Around the Block model. Thanks to its easy-mount step-through frame, cruiser tires, and vertical riding position it’s an excellent choice as a starter bike. It’s a natural choice for leisurely recreational rides, with 15 miles its maximum optimal riding distance.

Meanwhile, the Body Ease is another great option for casual riders. It has an ultra-low step-through frame and hybrid tires plus seat post suspension for improved back and hip support. Crafted for smooth and wobble-free riding, it’s ideal for riders with body pain.

Benefits of Owning a Comfort Bike

When it comes to choosing a bicycle, riding accessibility is key. Whether you’re used to being in the saddle or not, you can easily find a comfort bike to accommodate your riding habits and needs. Comfort bikes are superb options for people with arthritis or other joint problems. Sixthreezero’s Body Ease and EVRYJourney styles are especially good for riders with knee and back issues. The Around the Block model is best for those with back pain.

If you experience balance issues or need a little extra support on your bike, consider the EVRYJourney and Body Ease three-wheel bikes. These full-sized adult tricycles offer a comfortable riding experience. Their three-wheel designs boost stability, making it possible for anyone to enjoy riding.

Some comfort bike models also come in electric editions. Comfort-focused electric bikes include the EVRYJourney and Around the Block. They offer all the benefits of the regular versions plus rear hub drive motors. With these bikes, you can get powered pedaling assistance or just let the motor do the work. Both models offer 250-watt and 500-watt motor options.

Key Comfort Bike Features

Each of the sixthreezero models mentioned earlier fits the “comfort bike” definition in several ways. The EVRYJourney and Body Ease models are hybrids. But what is a hybrid, anyway? It’s actually a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike, giving you the best of both worlds. Hybrids typically sport flatter upright handlebars, medium-thick tires and large padded seats. Many hybrid bikes are equally at home on paved streets and light trails.

Meanwhile, the Around the Block bikes excel on paved surfaces. The same is true for the Pave N’ Trail, although it’s technically a hybrid model. Around the Block is geared for the casual occasional rider, while the Pave N’ Trail can handle faster speeds and everyday usage. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll find some common comfort bike features in these and the hybrid models:

•      Vertical ergonomic riding position, which properly aligns the body

•      Slightly lower seats for easier mounting and dismounting

•      Medium or soft seat padding for premium comfort

•      Forward pedaling positions, lowering riders closer to the ground

You’ll note that some models like the Body Ease and Around the Block have more vertical pedaling positions. These allow complete leg extension to prevent hip, knee and ankle pain. They also deliver more stability and balance yet keeping the rider comfortable. If you have balance issues but still want a two-wheel bike, this is an important factor you’ll want to consider.

Accessories For Your Comfort Bike

Once you’ve selected your comfort bike, you can customize it with accessories ideal for your riding lifestyle. Baskets are an excellent choice no matter where you ride. Wicker and wire baskets are available in both lightweight and sturdier versions. There’s also the Axiom Seymour Twin Pannier, a small double-sided saddlebag with zipper pockets and a handle on top for easier carrying. 

Locks are another essential, helping prevent your brand-new investment from getting stolen. Secureit’s Spyne Armor Combo Lock features overlapping steel shells with a flexible inner steel cable. An individually settable combination and ABUS technology add extra security. Don’t forget about other accessories – batteries, cupholders, phone mounts and auxiliary lighting.

Comfort Bikes for Everyone

Women’s comfort bikes from sixthreezero unveil a vast world of possibilities. Models like the Body Ease and EVRYJourney remove barriers from cycling, making it accessible to more people. Sixthreezero’s BodyFit tool helps you narrow your options, matching you with bikes that fit you by height and weight. Remember to check out each model’s specs – they’ll tell you if the bike is ideal for your health concerns, riding needs and lifestyle.


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