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2021 Best Electric Bikes for Short Riders

Updated On: April 13, 2023

If you fall outside the average measurements of most folks, you know that sizing items are a special concern. This is especially true for bicycles, where the proper fit goes a long way toward determining how much you enjoy your rides. Just a few inches off on fitment can lead to unnecessary aches and pains in the arms, shoulders, back and knees. Toward this end, a look at a few of the best electric bikes for short riders later on in this piece can help you find the right bike.

To begin with, though, a few fitting principles can be helpful for shorter riders. When considering the frame, you want a smaller frame and one that allows you to step through when you get on and get off the bike. If you are needing to lift your leg way over a bar, you can fall too easily. You will also want tires that are in the 26-inch to 24-inch range. Adjustable handlebars, preferably not too wide, allow you to position the bars within a comfortable reach.

Finally, you want your leg to be slightly bent at the knee when you are on the seat and the pedal is at its lowest point. A bend at the knee of about 15 degrees is about right. If the pedal is lower you will struggle to get the optimal power in each stroke, and if the pedal is higher it will quickly bother your knees, resulting in pain. 

Choosing an Electric Bike That Is Best for Your Body Type

Each rider is shaped a little differently, with different heights and weights for sure, but also different body configurations. When it comes to weight, you just want to be sure the frame will handle the weight for a larger person, and that a smaller person can handle the weight of the frame. When it comes to choosing the best electric bike for small lady, three Sixthreezero models stand out.

eBike Features That Are Better for Shorter Riders

Once your preferred bike is shipped to you, it is time to make any necessary adjustments for ideal fitment. You can adjust the seat and the handlebars just the way you like them, and a local bike mechanic should be able to help with other refinements.

When deciding on an electric bike for short female, you should concentrate on a few design features. The step-through frame is a solid necessity. Upright handlebars that bend toward the biker take a lot of strain off the shoulders. Reasonably sized tires keep you closer to the ground, allowing you to always stick the landing with grace and confidence. Finally, pay attention to the overall weight of the bicycle; a smaller motor and battery allow you to shave off a few pounds with few if any negative consequences for shorter riders.

Now is the time for all riders to take advantage of promising new designs in electric bikes. Shop online for the bike of your dreams.


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