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20 Best Women's E Bikes

Whenever you go shopping for a new bike of any kind, it's always important to take the rider into consideration. With traditional bikes, each has something unique to offer and not all are suited for every person. Some are great for off-road adventures, while others are designed for a casual stroll around the block. Some are great for commuting as a reliable mode of transportation, others are more leisurely in nature. Only by considering what you want out of a bike will you be able to land on the model that you truly need.

The same is undoubtedly true of e-bikes in the modern era. What was once a relatively straightforward form of technology is now ready for prime time. Especially when you're talking about e-bikes aimed at women in particular, there are a plethora of different models out there that have something to offer just about everyone. But since you're probably looking for that one in particular that really checks as many of your boxes as possible, it's important to consider each option carefully to find the one that is best in line with your own expectations.

With that in mind, what follows is a list of the 20 best e-bikes for women that are available to purchase in 2023 and beyond. Weighing your options carefully with as much actionable information as possible is an important part of the buying process, and it is hoped that this list will go a long way towards helping you do precisely that.

The Benefits of E-Bikes For Women

But first, it's important to consider why someone would want an e-bike over a traditional option in the first place.

As the name implies, e-bikes are propelled not just by your own legs via the pedals, but by an onboard motor. That motor can typically either be turned off entirely, be used in pedal assist mode (meaning that you're also doing some of the work while riding), or in full electric mode. This level of versatility brings a whole new layer to the bike riding experience.

For starters, e-bikes almost always guarantee very fast commuting and travel times. If you're looking for a way to get to work, to school, or to the grocery store A) quickly, B) efficiently, and C) safely, an e-bike can deftly handle all of this and more. This is especially true if you're planning on hauling cargo around, too. With a traditional bike, you could put anything you want in an attached basket, but that additional weight is likely going to slow you down. You'll certainly be limited in terms of how much you can carry in one trip. With an e-bike, even if you load up your basket with groceries on the way back from the supermarket, you can let the motor do all the work.

If you are planning on using your e-bike as an alternative to public transportation, you should also know that this will tire you out far less on the way to a place like work than a traditional bike would. If you're riding into the office on a hot summer's day, you don't want to show up drenched in sweat. With an e-bike, you don't have to worry about it. You can get to work on full electric mode and then, at the end of the day if you want to get a workout in, ride it home in either pedal assist or with the motor switched completely off. Or, you can choose to use the motor the entire way home to relax and unwind after a hard day. The choice is yours.

Plus, as opposed to something like a car, you're not beholden to the price of gas in your area - saving you quite a bit of money in the long run. Most of the batteries that are included with women's e-bikes (especially those on this list) can be fully charged in just a few hours. Despite that, they can take you 20 miles or more depending on how you use the bike. That's more than enough to get to work or school and back.

Finally, in terms of physical fitness, it's important to note that e-bikes are known for putting far less impact on the body than a traditional bike ever would. Many of them have specially designed frames that are intended to help take a significant amount of stress off of areas like your knees, your hips, and even your back. You're always riding in an upright position and won't have a thing to worry about to that end.

Based on all of the above, it's easy to see why e-bikes have become so popular with women (and riders of all genders, really) over the last decade in particular. Any one of these benefits on their own would probably be enough to convince most people to make the jump - especially the energy efficiency factor. When you consider that you enjoy all of these advantages at once, for many it becomes an opportunity that is far too important to pass up.

The Electra Townie Original 7D

Another viable option on this list of the best e-bikes for women takes the form of the Electra Townie Original 7D. This 7-speed e-bike features a striking aluminum frame and solid hand brakes designed with maximum safety and stability in mind.

One of the things that makes this particular bike notable has to do with the innovative position of the seat. On a more traditional bike, the seat would be positioned in such a way so that there was a slight bend in your legs while you were riding. Instead, on this model the seat is actually positioned behind where the pedals sit. That means that when you're at rest while on the Townie Original 7D, your feet are flat on the ground. This helps to make it easier to get on and off the bike at will.

Overall, the Electra Townie Original 7D is a viable option for everyone from new riders to old pros who may not have been out on the road in awhile. Either way, you'll no doubt find something to love about this design.

The Rev Electric City Bike

One rugged yet cost-effective option on this list is the Rev Electric City Bike. As the name suggests, the experience it offers is geared towards those potentially fast-paced commutes that you might experience while living in or around an urban environment.

Produced by the team at Retrospec, this particular bike keeps its battery in a very discreet location. Not only does this go a long way towards preserving the look and feel of a traditional cruiser, but it also helps to make sure that large equipment such as the battery is out of the way so that it doesn't inhibit what you're able to do when you get out there and take it for a spin.

This bike can be operated in both full electric and pedal assist mode depending on your needs. The latter is particularly helpful if you're going to be going on trails or on particularly bumpy back roads. Retrospec's own documentation indicates that this was a bike designed for beginners in particular, so if you're worried about your first jump into the world of electric bike's being a bit on the overwhelming side, you definitely shouldn't be.

The Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike

Another great option from the team at Retrospec is called the Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike. The bike itself is manufactured from a durable steel frame, and it features a coaster brake system for maximum convenience.

In addition to the fact that it is one of the more cost-effective options on this list, many people love the Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike for its endless customization options. There are a variety of different points where you can connect a basket should you need to get important items from Point A to Point B, and there are also a few different seat options for you to choose from depending on your preferences. Other accessories are also available to purchase, although they are obviously separate from the initial cost of the bike.

The Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike is also available in a few different colors for you to choose from, allowing you to really personalize the experience and make it your own. All told, if you're looking for an entry-level bike that will show you how far e-bike technology has come in a relatively short amount of time, you've definitely come to the right place.

The Tuesday August 1

One cost-effective bike that has been making waves since its original debut is called the Tuesday August 1. It, too, has a durable steel frame that can stand up to just about anything. This single-speed electric bike for women has a coaster brake system that ensures efficient stopping on a dime when you need to and increased stability when you don't.

It's available in a few different colors for you to choose from depending on your style, including a traditional black, a sophisticated dark red, and an interesting pewter nickle. Truly, the beauty in this particular model is in its simplicity. It's easy-to-use and even more fun to ride - making it the perfect pairing for riders of all types. This is another one of the entries on this list where comfort is truly the word of the day. Everything, from the frame itself to the position of the seat, is designed with maximum comfort in mind.

It also comes with a few different accessories that you can add on should you want to customize things even further. You can get rims in either painted or anodized varieties to match up with the color you've selected for the frame. There is also an alloy seat clamp, a steel kickstand, and more.

Despite its reputation as an entry-level cruiser, this is another one of those bikes that is definitely capable of standing the test of time. It has rust resistant hardware that allow it to stand up to anything Mother Nature happens to throw at you, for example. All this in one package will make it an opportunity that is far too good to pass up for most people.

The Linus Dutchi 1

Another viable e-bike for women that is absolutely worth mentioning is dubbed the Linus Dutchi 1. It's an affordable that is both feminine and independent in equal measure.

The frame is constructed in a way that gives you a comfortable, up-right riding position over all types of terrain. It's a great option for everyday use, whether you're just going for a jaunt around the block or if you plan on heading into the office and back. Regardless of your intentions, the step thru frame makes it easy to get on and even easier to get off wherever you find yourself.

Many riders love the fact that the Linus Dutchi 1 comes with a comfortable saddle with springs for added stability. If you've ridden a traditional bike in the past, you're no doubt familiar with the blisters and bruises that can sometimes occur when you grip the handles too tightly. That won't be a problem here, as the grips are made from a high quality leather and are hand-stitched to help avoid this type of thing altogether.

In terms of the look itself, you'll love the painted steel fenders with stainless steel brackets and braces. It really does give the whole thing that wonderfully retro look and feel. If safety is your concern, you'll also be pleased to know that there are reflectors on the front and back to give you complete visibility as you go about your business.

At the end of the day, the Linus Dutchi 1 is a great, stylish electric bike for women that is absolutely worth your consideration.



The Priority Coast

Anyone in the market for a new e-bike for women who also likes a solid throwback to the traditional bikes of yester-year would do well to consider the Priority Coast. Even at a quick glance, it's easy to see how it looks very much like the bikes we all grew up riding. However, it also packs a powerful punch in more ways than one.

The Priority Coast features an ultra light aluminum frame, which is important for two reasons. For starters, the frame itself is durable but not heavy enough to get in the way of performance. Secondly, its lightweight nature also makes it easy to transport if you're planning on driving to a remote destination before getting out on the bike and seeing where the day takes you.

That frame also offers an upright and comfortable design, something that is common for electric bikes at this price point. After a few hours on the bike, you'll be glad to have the reduced strain on your back, your neck, and particularly on your hips.

As far as safety is concerned, there are a number of standout features. First, the tires are made to be puncture-resistant. While this doesn't necessarily mean you should get out there and take it off-road all day, every day, it does give you less to worry about - particularly if you're traversing those city streets. The frame is also rust-resistant, as is the fork - giving you less to be concerned about when it comes to long-term maintenance and premature aging.

The Vivelo La Donna

If you're looking for an electric bike for women that was designed from the ground up to attract attention, the Vivelo La Donna would undoubtedly be it. It's delightfully feminine in all the best ways, sporting a bevvy of different colors to choose from while still maintaining both its performance and functionality.

Most riders love the large, soft, spring-loaded seat that really helps cushion the impact of any rough terrain that you might be on. Likewise, the bike itself is very lightweight, coming in at just 30 pounds. That makes it easy to get around and take the bike wherever you need to go, even when you're not riding it.

Not only is the Vivelo La Donna great for urban environments, it's also perfect for taking out on the trails with you. The transmission is both 3 and 7-speed, allowing you to customize your experience for wherever you happen to find yourself. Speaking of customization, many female riders in particular also love the fact that you can easily add a basket, a carrier rack, or other essentials to really make the bike your own in a charming way.

The Sole Urban Cruiser

Another fine entry on any list of the best e-bikes for women is the Sole Urban Cruiser - a modest option that comes in a number of colors to choose from.

This bike sports a low step-thru frame that makes it easy to mount and dismount. Sole's official documentation says that this bike is "one size fits most," sitting on top of two 26-inch wheels and thick tires for additional stability.

The best part of all is how truly simple it is to use and step up. There are no wires to worry about connecting. You don't have to even think about making sense of a complicated gear system. In truth, there is virtually no hassle at all. The Urban Cruiser is also designed to be ultra lightweight, coming in at just 28 pounds. So if you had your heart set on transporting the bike to some far off location so that you could go on a fun afternoon of adventure and excitement, you're more than capable of doing that.

The HBBC Cruiser

For years, HBBC has made a name for themselves as a legitimate force to be reckoned with in the world of electric bikes. All it takes is one look at the HBBC Cruiser to see how true that still is.

This bike sports a pedal-forward frame that was designed with comfortable ergonomics in mind. Gone are the days when you would return home after a long ride only to find your body aching all over. Additional features include a quick release seat clamp so that you can get the seat on and off as-needed. Speaking of the seat, it's a gel comfort ultra quiet seat. So not only will it be comfortable as you go about your business, but it's also incredibly quiet at the exact same time.

This bike features a single speed brake and sits comfortably on top of two 26-inch aluminum wheels for extra durability. That, coupled with the cruiser tires, help guarantee the smoothest and most stable ride at virtually all times.

Finally, you have the built-in kickstand that is made from a very high quality material - truly allowing you to "set it and forget it" in the best possible way. Are there more advanced options on this list? Yes. Are there ones with more features and additional bells and whistles? Sure. But if you're looking for something as straightforward as it is comfortable and easy-to-use, you'll find a lot to love from the HBBC Cruiser.

The Retro CB

Next up we have the Retro CB which, as its name suggests, comes with a retro cruiser frame made of high quality, high tensile steel material. It's another one of the options on this list that is perfect for people who want to take full advantage of everything that modern technology has to offer, but who also don't want to give up on that retro look that we all grew up with. Now, you can truly enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Retro CB features a single speed drivetrain, coaster brakes, and a simple one-piece steel crank. In terms of its visual flair, many people love the classy alloy rims that come complete with stainless steel spokes.

The bike sits comfortably on top of two 26-inch by 2.25-inch tires. This is important, as it helps make sure you'll have a smooth ride in flat, city environments, and a stable and safe one if you choose to get out there in more uneven terrain to really see what it can do.

It also offers a mid-rise steel cruiser handlebar, which is another one of the features that goes a long way towards guaranteeing maximum comfort at all times. Speaking of comfort, the sun cruiser saddle is designed to keep you happy regardless of where you find yourself. Throw in a chain guard and kickstand - both of which are made from rugged steel material - and you really have the type of electric bike for women that you'd be proud to show off to whoever you happen to encounter.

The Radcity Radwagon

One of the things that makes the Radwagon from Radcity a great option has to do with how straightforward it is despite packing a major amount of power in its onboard 750 watt motor. It features 7-speed capabilities that, when paired with the aforementioned motor, is more than enough to get you up even those steep hills that you encounter in your travels.

Indeed, this option in particular is great for commuting. Lights are built into the bike on both the front and the back, making sure that you'll be as safe as possible - even at night. There are a lot of different accessories that you can purchase to customize the bike even further, though you'll have to do that separately. Not including the accessories is how the company has been able to keep the price down, but don't worry - there are more than enough for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Overall, the Radcity Radwagon has somewhat of a sleek, European sensibility. It's a perfect option for getting around in a basic way - whether you're planning on using it for the purposes of commuting too and from work or you just want to explore your neighborhood is ultimately a decision for you to make on your own.

The Blix Aveny

Next up we have the Blix Aveny - another option for people who want to dip their toe in the proverbial waters of electric bikes but who also don't want to spend a proverbial arm and a leg in order to do it.

The Blix Aveny comes complete with one rack that you can put on the front that is more than big enough to carry everything from your computer to your school books to groceries depending on your needs. The motor itself can get you up to a top speed of 20 miles per hour and it has an estimated range of between 20 and 40 miles on a single charge - in other words, pretty standard for a bike of this price point.

It has a very user-friendly design and it's clear that a lot of thought has been put into this one. It manages to blend together everything that is important - from comfort to convenience to utility and performance - in one enjoyable package. It's also a bike that can fit riders of all sizes. It is intended for people who are between 5 foot 1 inch and 6 foot 2 inches in height. A convenient digital display also helps you see riding data, control the lights, and even charge your phone or other mobile devices via USB.

In the End

As stated, every e-bike on this list has something to offer all types of female riders - it's just that not every option is going to be the perfect one for you. Some of these bikes are similar, but many of them vary wildly in terms of form, function, performance, power, and more. For the best results, begin by making a list of what you want to be able to do with your e-bike that you can't do right now (or that you couldn't do with a traditional bike). Then, go back through the list and select the options that meet as many of those needs as possible.

At that point, you'll have whittled the list down to a few ideal candidates, ultimately making your decision that much easier. Don't purchase an e-bike and hope that it meets your expectations. Understand what you're looking for while going in, which will give you the best chance at not just meeting those expectations, but exceeding them as well.

If you'd like to find out more information about the best women's e-bikes that are available on the market today, or if you'd like to talk more with an expert about what you're looking for in an e-bike in the first place, please don't hesitate to contact the friendly and knowledgeable team at today.


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