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14 Step-Through E-bikes You Must Try in 2023

Are you searching for an electric bicycle that is convenient to mount? There is a specialized style of bike that is called a step-through. Here you have a bicycle that encourages you to step one leg slightly over the middle bar without reaching too high up.

If you have mobility issues or are concerned about messing up your stockings or skirts each morning, consider a step-thru commuter bicycle. This is the type of e-bike you can get that will work with you–not against you–as you battle busy traffic and all types of weather.

Choose among bicycle brands that have been around for centuries, as well as from all of these brands coming out of California. We also have all-terrain step-through e-bikes that are made to keep you from having a rusty chain even when riding to the beach each day.

Whatever the weather, your e-bike will keep rolling–even in snowy fields with the help of fat tires. As you search for the all-around best step-through electric bikes on the planet, start your shopping journey with this list of 14 e-bikes in this particular category.

What are Step-Through E-Bikes

Combine a low-slung step-through style frame with the vroom, vroom power of an electrically motorized bicycle. Also spelled step-thru, this type of bike is common among manufacturers and popular for consumers.

Women riders especially fall for the step-through style–which is the demographic it is intended for historically. Now you can find step-thru bikes that are suitable for either gender and for riders of a wide range of heights. See which one of the step-through e-bikes for 2023 you think is the coolest looking and most fun to ride.

Rad Power’s RadCity 5 Plus Electric

The RadCity 5 Plus Electric bicycle by Rad Power is billed as the Rush Hour Rebel, or simply a commuter bike. This is due to the way the e-bike is built with a more upright seat than typical e-bikes. You get a sturdy stance when you sit on the saddle of this all-black e-bike. A men’s and women’s bike, this gender neutral set of wheels is easy to slide onto thanks to the step-thru feature.

Also, take a closer look at the RadCity 5 Plus Electric bike to see that the upper tube only reaches to the top of the gears. Here is where Rad Power does something different. They have fashioned a piece of tube that extends across the step-thru area. You can use this straight, horizontal tube as a sort of foot rest when getting on and off of the bike or when resting.

This is perfect for commuters because you need a way to rest your feet while sitting in traffic. Here is where the perkier seat position also keeps you alert, upright, and on your toes quite literally. All of these are great features when you are shopping for a commuter bike that will carry you around town day after day as you weave through vehicles in traffic. However, as you do so, you will appreciate having a way to travel that allows you to bypass these vehicles quite easily.

Mesa Plus ST by Mok Wheel

The bicycle company called Mok Wheel has its headquarters in California, in a city called Ontario. The Mesa Plus ST by Mok Wheel is one of their more sleek step through styles of e-bikes. For starters, the Mesa Plus ST comes in either a bright gray or a light cream color that is unique to other all-black bikes on the market.

However, the performance power is a huge plug for this bicycle brand. With the Mesa Plus ST, you get 35 to 55 miles per charge, which is a long range for an e-bike. This comes from a 750w battery that allows you to haul up to 400 pounds. In addition, the Mesa Plus ST is considered the world’s first all-terrain e-bike. Therefore, you can anticipate being able to take this e-bike onto the trails and off-road into muddy and even slippery terrain.

The height range of the Mesa Plus ST also follows suit in the heavy duty category. Riders as short as 4 feet 11 inches and as tall as 6 feet 8 inches can fit on the saddle of this sleek AT e-bike. A headlamp and a rear rack also add to the functionality of this electric bike, allowing you to strap down a load for a long trip or to go camping.

Take a closer look at the LED screen that is affixed to this Mok Wheel e-bike. Here you have a very well laid out panel that lets you monitor your trip information. Stay on track with battery charge and range with the data right in front of you and easy to interpret. This is one of the more fun features of these new electric bikes–the miniature computer panels allow you to better control your bike riding information and save this for comparison to other rides.

GlareWheel’s Electric City Bike

If you are interested in the Wizard of Oz, consider the blacked out frame and modern picnic style basket of the GlareWheel Electric City Bike. Let me just start by saying all the GlareWheel bikes are extra special, including the Urban Fashion Folding E-Bike.

There are also a series of motorcycle-inspired electric bicycles by GlareWheel that have a mock gas tank on the top. Sleek and trim, the gas tank and rolling body style of these bikes add an unexpected edge.

At first glance, you aren’t sure what you are looking at–a motorcycle or a bicycle and you would most likely say a chopper bike. As for the GlareWheel Electric City Bike, the all-black tone is muted and sophisticated with a street feel. This isn’t a beach cruiser, but rather a bicycle that an actual witch might ride, maybe even one of the bad witches.

To finish off the bicycle's appearance, 26-inch tires without white walls are coupled with bars coated in car paint to last for decades. There’s also a rear rack to couple the straw-colored front basket to increase cargo room on this electric step through bike.

Speaking of step-through e-bikes, the GlareWheel Electric City Bike has that low-slung frame that we want to see in this type of bicycle. The maximum load capacity for this carbon steel frame is 250 pounds, allowing you to carry your pooch or a picnic lunch without getting off balance.

Travel at a range of 18 to 20 miles and go up to 20 miles per hour in this easy to ride step-through style e-bike. Unlike conventional bicycles, the step-thru frame reduces strain associated with mounting and riding a bike.

The middle bar is not high where it is in the way of your personal space, which makes getting onto the saddle of the electric bike less taxing. Around the gearbox of the e-bike by GlareWheel is a large tube of the frame that extends to the middle of the gears.

In addition, there is a second thinner tube that is positioned across the top of the gearbox. These low top tubes or cross-bars add visual interest and increase the stability of the frame of the bicycle. The result is a step-through e-bike that is more stable yet fully functional with two low top tubes.

Charge Bikes’ Comfort 2 Step-Thru Electric Bike

Need a more eye-catching bicycle to ride? Check out the candy apple red colored option of the Comfort 2 Step-Thru Electric Bike by Charge Bikes. This bicycle also comes in white and midnight blue, while only the white bicycle has a brown seat and the other two feature black saddles. In terms of step-through e-bikes, the Comfort 2 is one of the most streamlined bicycles on this list. Instead of bulky tubes or more than one tube, the Comfort 2 has a single slender tube going through the center of the bicycle.

As for the battery pack, this is stored safely on the rear of the bike under a metal rack. This is comparable to other e-bikes in the step-thru category that have moved the battery from the center of the bike to the rear. If you are looking to get the most mobility out of your step-through e-bike, removing the battery from the center area where you step over is the way to go. Otherwise, that battery pack will take up valuable step-through space in the center of the bicycle.

Here is another one of the step-thru styles of bikes that has a horizontal bar going over the gears on one side. This tube is ideal for placing one of your feet while resting on the bike. If you are shopping for a good style of bicycle for daily commuting, the Comfort 2 Step Thru is both trim and yet functional. While not as bulky as other e-bikes that are in a step-through style, you do have the stability with the positioning of that low tube and foot rest.

Schwinn’s Coston DX Step-Thru Electric Bike

The Schwinn brand of bicycles is one of the most famous and recognizable, having been around since 1895. If you are searching for one of the most popular bicycle brands, Schwinn Bicycle Company holds a strong lead. In terms of their step-through e-bikes, the Coston DX Step-Thru Electric Bike is sold in either white or sky blue with black trim. The result is a bright and easy-to-see bicycle that will get you to places pretty fast.

In terms of the step-through capacity, Schwinn has positioned the top tube on the bicycle in a slightly inconvenient place. Instead of having a fully open sweep for your foot when getting on and off of this e-bike, there is a small top tube that is extended above the gears about five inches. This makes it difficult to get onto the bicycle, but not impossible as this still qualifies as a step-thru. You do not have that horizontal top tube reaching across from the saddle to the handlebars.

As for the Coston DX Step-Thru’s performance, the bike has a 250w engine that is not as powerful as the rest of the bicycles on this list. However, if you are new to electric bicycles or want something that will get you to your destination without overtaking you, the Coston DX Step-Thru satisfies that goal.

You also get the Schwinn nomenclature, which is highly prized among certain bicycle enthusiasts. A total range of 45 miles is also substantial, but you will not go faster than 20 miles per hour using this throttle assisted motor. As a Class 2 e-bike, the Coston DX Step-Thru is great to look at but has issues with the step-thru capabilities and the less powerful engine.

Heybike and the Cityrun Electric Bike

In a similar way, the Heybike brand from China–making it the only international competitor on this list–has several options for step-through e-bikes. Here you can choose from commuter, off-road, folding, and fat tire bikes. The step-through styles offered by Heybike include styles called Mars, Ranger, Cityscape, Explore, and Cityrun. That last style is the one we are going to review here today.

The Cityrun step-thru electric bike is one of the more distinctive in the collection in comparison to other bike brands. As for the step-through feature, this e-bike has a single accessory that could be a deal breaker. They have added a bottle holder to the center vertical tube, which will be concerning for anyone trying to step into a step-through bicycle. However, this could easily be removed to increase the accessibility of this bike.

The step-through height of the top tube goes about one inch above the gear height on the bicycle. This allows you to easily step across the frame to mount the saddle, with the exception of that bottle holder. Other features of the Heybike Cityrun Electric Bike include a more structured center tube. Rather than a shiny rounded tube, you get a squared-edge tube with muted artwork in a stencil style. The result is more urban chic and commuter friendly in comparison to beachcomber and beach cruiser bike styles.

A 500w motor and a 48V/15Ah battery offers a strong 55-mile range, which is longer than most e-bikes on this list. Also, even as a Class 2 e-bike, this commuter bike will carry up to 350 pounds. You can max out the cargo capacity by utilizing the attached rack over the back tire. The bike comes with a headlamp, too, which should be a staple for any commuter bicycle model.

Ecotric and the Lark Electric City Bike for Women

Another of the more eccentric styled e-bikes on this list comes from the fittingly named bicycle company, Ecotric. Here we have the Lark Electric City Bike for Women that is a stylish and low step-through frame. A unique feature is the use of the triangular webbing detail in a large panel affixed to the side of the bike.

Ecotric is another California bike company–at this point you could retitle this article to “14 Step-Through E-Bikes from California Companies You Must Try in 2023.” This shows the popularity of bicycle manufacturing in the West Coast state where there are plenty of sunny days to spend spinning your step-through e-bike wheels.

Step-through e-bikes by Ecotric are modern and contemporary and less like the traditional beach cruiser or beachcomber. What I like about the Lark Electric City Bike is the open curve to the main tube of the bicycle. Unlike other step-thru bicycle styles, this bar is rounded out at the base. This presents a more interesting looking bike frame for a typical step-through style. You also have less interference when getting onto this bicycle when compared to other step-thru cycles.

The Ecotric Lark Electric City Bike for Women is a Class 2 e-bike with a range of only 18 miles when using just the battery and 33 miles with pedal assist. This has a shorter battery range than most electric step-through bikes, especially compared to the Class 3. However, if you are not planning on riding your e-bike that often or want to choose a bike more based on looks, the Lark Electric City Bike happens to be an eye turner. You are going to get some serious looks as you cruise around on this fun bicycle.

An LCD display provides information about the five pedal assist levels and error reports, as well as details about your speed and range. In addition, the bike comes ready to roll with a sleek and open weaved basket on the front of the handlebars. Only the bottom couple of inches of the plastic basket material are woven tight, leaving the upper half of the basket open. Here it is made with heavy-duty wire that will protect your belongings.

The Strike Step Thru E-Bike by GEN3

Available at Best Buy, interestingly enough, the Strike Step Thru E-Bike is made by GEN3. This is an electric bicycle with a greater range than normal at 40 to 45 miles per single charge. If you are looking to get the most out of a step-through e-bike, this could be the one in terms of range. This makes it an ideal choice for a bicycle if you commute or go long distances.

In terms of the step-thru style, the Stride is easy to mount with minimal interference in the upper tube. Slide right onto the Stride without having to stretch your legs over any additional bars. This gives you a fuller range of motion to get where you want to go on your electric bike. In addition, the 500w motor provides up to 20 mph performance. You also have the advantage of five pedal assist levels along with a throttle.

Yes, that makes this a Class 2 bicycle, due to the throttle. However, you still maintain that long range. That means you don’t have to charge the battery as often. A front suspension, comfortable handlebar grips, and a memory foam saddle round out the comfort factors. You can also get accessories attached by the factory when you order The Stride through Best Buy. This includes a headlight, a cargo rack for the back, and metal fenders. Enjoy your commute with more fun thanks to these bells and whistles of your new Class 2 step-thru e-bike.

Aventon and the Sinch Step-Through

Aventon is an Ontario company, but these are not Canadian. Instead, look for Aventon Bikes in Ontario, California, where these are shipped new from the company.

Founder Jianwei (JW) Zhang was featured in a Forbes article about founding the bicycle company and becoming a leader in the bike industry. In the article about the bike brand, which was founded in 2012 and went all electric in 2021, Aventon discusses a collection of electric bikes that are more affordable, ranging from $1,000 to $2,000. These come with step-through, as well as a foldable frame, along with fat tires and thin street tires.

Aventon step-through e-bikes include several styles–Sinch, Level, Pace, and Aventure, as well as the Soltera style that is less inclined to be step-thru. Check out how the Class II Sinch Step-Through Foldable Ebike has a super low slung center tube.

This framework is well suited to a foldable travel e-bike. The Sinch is also a great holiday gift, especially if purchased in pairs, as you have two color options–Moss Green and Bonfire Red.

The folding style maintains durability with 4-inch fat tires. The e-bike travels for a full battery range of 40 miles on a single charge, and goes as fast as 20 miles per hour, which is why it is a Class II e-bike.

The Aventon Sinch e-bike also has a smaller profile, yet can fit riders ranging from 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 2 inches. The standover height of the center tube is 390 millimeters (15.35 inches).

Velotric’s Nomad 1 Bike High Step Step-Thru

A fat tire bike in a sea of 26 inch street tires, the Velotric Nomad 1 Bike High Step Step-Thru is a bulkier looking e-bicycle. Here a Shimano eight-speed adds power and performance to the electric boost because of the unique throttle assist.

Color options of mango orange, cyan blue, sky blue, and spring yellow add to the energy of this robust e-bike. As for the step-through feature, the high step style is made with a thicker than usual front tube and a low V shape frame.

This step-through is somewhat higher due to the width of the tube that extends into the center of the bike. But to be honest, you can’t really tell that much of a difference between the high step and normal step-thru frames.

If you are shopping for a heavy-duty electric bike with a step-thru, the Velotric Nomad 1 provides that without fail. You are not going to get much else, though, on this step-thru e-bike.

The style of bike is made for getting out there in the mud with those fat tires. No pre-attached rear cargo rack or front basket on this bicycle.

Instead, you get a streamlined yet rugged e-bike that is ready to roll off the road. Whether you are planning an epic off-road adventure or want to ride your new step through in a snowy climate, the Velotric Nomad 1 supports those goals in low stride.

Valen Rev Electric Fat Tire Bike by Retrospec

If you want a fat tire e-bike that is a low profile but with a longer range, consider the Valen Rev Electric Fat Tire Bike by Retrospec. It is the Valen Rev Electric Fat Tire Bike that has our engines revved up for this step-through review. The Valen Rev is less classic and more city slicker.

Made by another California based bicycle company, Retrospec is headquartered in Los Angeles. Owner Ely Alexander Khakshouri opened the shop in 2008 while a student at the University of Southern California.

Also featured in Forbes, this company was a millennial startup that is focused on legislation that is increasing accessibility to e-bikes, specifically the E-Bike Act. Congress opened the door for the E-Bike Act in November 2021.

In this legislation, the bill refers to a tax credit that would be worth 30 percent for those purchasing a qualifying electric bike. This tax credit has a cap of $1,500 at one time, which extends for two years. Following this, you can replace your e-bike with another one at get the same tax credit. Electric bicycles that qualify have less than 750W and are two wheeled including the step-thru models.

Along with working legally to improve the e-bike market, Retrospect is also busy outfitting businesses like restaurants that depend on e-bikes for deliveries with urban-centric e-bikes.

Specialized and the Turbo Vado 4.0 Step-Through

Specialized of Morgan Hill, CA is another American made bicycle brand. Here is a business that has been around since 1974 creating bikes with names like Stumpjumper and the Turbo Vado 4.0 Step-Through. The bicycle works hard to keep you moving with thick and durable tubes. While the step-through style is anticipated in this e-bike, there is one issue with the upper bar on the center of the frame.

You can see how the single top tube that is above the center tube inhibits getting onto the bike saddle. So yes, the Turbo Vado 4.0 Step-Through is considered to be a step-thru but you lack the true ability to flip your leg over the top bar. However, there is no top tube extending horizontally on this road ready e-bike. This allows you to get on and off of the bicycle more easily.

You can also get a cool color combination on this Specialized bike featuring metallic crimson, black, and rocket red. Additionally, personalized sizing is available on this e-bike. You are able to choose from small, medium, large, and x-large. Also, a Class 3 bicycle, the Turbo Vado is able to go up to 28 mph and you can expect the typical range of up to 40 miles on a charge, even though this is not listed by Specialized.

Final Call on Step-Through E-Bikes

As we round out this article, there are a few pointers to be made to sum up shopping for step-through e-bikes. You want to make sure you get the right bicycle with all the right features for a more convenient riding experience. After all, this is your personal investment in your future bike riding. If you are stuck on a bicycle you don’t like to look at or that is uncomfortable, chances are it will just collect dust.

Now, to choose the perfect step-through e-bikes for you and your family, look for:

  • Standover height, which is the height from the ground to where you step through or over the middle of the bicycle
  • Brand performance and a collection from a bicycle company that includes multiple step-thru styles
  • Affordability for your price point, budget, and lifestyle, i.e., how often you expect to ride your new step-thru e-bike
  • Overall style and look of the electric bike including color scheme, reflective surfaces, muted areas, etc.
  • Use of accessories, such as a headlamp, rear cargo rack, front basket, and rear battery storage

These features will help you get the most out of your new step-thru e-bike. It also helps to try out a step-through bicycle and an e-bike before you make a purchase. That being said, in reality, when selecting a bicycle, everyone is unique and so are our bicycle choices.

You will find that perfect e-bike that has all of the bells and whistles you are looking for, thanks to the bevy of selections currently available on the market. Whether you are ready to order a step-thru bicycle from the factory or manufacturer, or you are going through a third party online, there are several ways to purchase e-bikes these days.

Step-through e-bikes are simply one of the more popular styles of these bicycles. You can appreciate the convenience of being able to get onto these bike saddles faster and easier without a lot of strain. In addition, a step-thru style of electric bicycle has a more modern and contemporary look over all compared to basic bike designs.


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