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12 Must-Have Beach Cruiser Bikes for Spring 2023

Have you visited a beach or other recreational area lately? If so, you've probably seen many people enjoying a popular bike called a beach cruiser. Casual and recreational cyclists like these bicycles because they're generally comfortable, stable, and easy to handle. They also make fantastic general-purpose bikes for everyday use. With their attractive frames, comfortable designs, and versatile uses, beach cruisers are easy to love.

Twelve Top Beach Cruisers for Spring 2023

Primarily, beach cruisers offer their riders comfort and are perfect for relaxing rides on various surfaces, including streets, sidewalks, and trails. Some beach cruisers have fatter tires, so they're stable on softer surfaces, like sand. Typical features of the best beach crusaders may include wide tires, a cushioned saddle, padded grips, and a relaxed seated position. If you want a comfortable, versatile, and attractive new bike, consider these 12 popular beach cruisers for Spring 2023!

Priority Coast

The Priority Coast offers a carbon belt drive, which resists rust and doesn't require lubrication, like a standard bike chain. It also comes with a step-through frame option and is highly adjustable for cyclists between five feet and six feet five inches tall. Cyclists report that the lightweight aluminum frame holds up very well, even in seaside conditions.

Customers can choose between a one-speed model and a three-speed shifter. Some riders say the seating position isn't as comfortable as expected. This occasional complaint emphasizes the importance of buying from sellers who offer a test ride. Choose the Priority Coast for a low-maintenance, durable ride, but cyclists who prioritize comfort or multiple-speed options may prefer another cruiser.

See the Priority Coast at Priority Bicycles.

Micargi Seattle

Some consumers might think all beach cruisers navigate well in sand. Most manufacturers design these bikes primarily for streets and trails, but typical beach cruisers may not perform well on soft surfaces. The Micargi Seattle offers a good exception because it's a fat-tired bicycle, great for sand, snow, and soft dirt.

This chopper-style beach bike sits low to the ground with high-rise handlebars, so it's accessible for smaller people. On the other hand, it may offer high efficiency on the streets or up and down hills. The steel frame makes this model durable but also relatively heavy.

View the Micargi Seattle chopper-style bike on eBay.

Schwinn Krate

This chopper-style bike even includes a banana seat, so it looks like a retro banana bike from the 1960s, but this new release has modern upgrades. Even though the saddle and frame rest low to the ground, people as tall as six feet had no issues riding. As an exciting bonus, Schwinn ships these bikes with a book about the history of this classic model. This fun bike offers a smooth ride, high-quality parts, and excellent eye appeal. Kids and adults can enjoy this type of beach cruiser, but it's more for fun than for serious commuting.

Check out the updated classic Schwinn Krate at Walmart.

Schwinn Sanctuary

This beach cruiser from Schwinn looks like it pedaled right out of the 1960s. Besides a retro design with a sturdy frame, the Schwinn Sanctuary also comes with a rear rack, front and rear fenders, and a wide saddle. The frame's design ensures a comfortable upright position.

This bicycle comes with a seven-speed derailleur. Buyers can choose between a high top bar or a step-through frame. Purchasers can also choose from a small or medium frame. The steel frame feels sturdy but weighs close to 40 pounds. Some buyers struggled with the assembly process, received damaged parts, or complained the package required several tools that they expected the seller to include.

See the Schwinn Sanctuary at Amazon.

Huffy Del Lusso

This budget beach bike offers an impressive retro style with a durable but somewhat heavy steel frame. The bicycle includes several extras, including front and rear fenders, a rear rack, and a phone holder. It also comes in a 24" and 26" model, so most cyclists should find a model that fits them perfectly.

A few riders needed help with the wheels staying true, so it may present more maintenance issues than some bikes, though it's a relatively popular model. The model offers a comfortable seated position.

View the Huffy Del Lusso beach cruiser bicycle at Walmart.

Firmstrong Bruiser

This bike sports a clean, simple frame and a comfortable saddle. The basic model offers one speed and coaster brakes. Three-inch tires provide decent handling on various surfaces. Like some other models, the durable steel frame is also pretty heavy. This bike doesn't have fenders, a rack, or accessory attachments. This men's model has a high top post.

See the Firmstrong Bruiser at Walmart.

Kulana Lua

This beach cruiser primarily stands out because it's a bicycle built for two, opening up the possibility for twice as much fun for the price of one. The seat adjusts to fit cyclists from five feet four to six feet two, so it should accommodate riding partners of various sizes. Purchasers can choose between a one-speed or seven-speed model.

This beach bike provides riders with a smooth experience on flat surfaces. Consider the Kuluna Lua for riding with a partner, and many people enjoyed it for sharing the fun of cycling with a disabled person who might not be able to navigate well on their own. The seller cautions customers not to buy this model to ride with younger children or adults under five feet four.

View the Kaluna Lua tandem beach cruiser on Amazon.

Mophoto Adult Tricycle

Sometimes people suffer from balance issues because of age, infirmity, or specific medication. A three-wheel beach cruiser won't fall, even if standing still. This three-wheeler has two wheels in the rear, leaving space for the large basket behind the saddle. Plus, the saddle even has a backrest for additional comfort. People who learned to ride traditional, two-wheeled bikes should exercise caution while they relearn how to navigate turns on a three-wheeled bike.

Check out the Mophoto three-wheeled beach cruiser at Amazon.


What evokes the feeling of sand, surf, and sunshine better than the name Margaritaville? This bicycle even comes with a parrot horn, a bottle opener, a wicker basket, and a cup holder.

The low top pole makes this beach cruiser accessible for many riders, and beachgoers will appreciate the playful aesthetic of the frame. A single speed keeps things simple but may feel limiting for some riders. The Margaritaville may offer a reasonable choice for cyclists who want a laid-back experience while they ride.

See the Margaritaville beach cruiser on Amazon.

Viribus Cruiser

Positive features of the Virubus Cruiser include a low step-through frame, a rugged design, an attractive frame, and an affordable price. Purchasers can choose between a 24- and 26-inch frame, but it only comes in a single-speed model.

Though the company offers this bicycle as a beach cruiser, many riders say it performs better as a commuter bike on level streets. This model has a basket in the front and fenders for the front and rear tires. The glossy finish and sleek design give this bike an elegant, contemporary appearance. The seating position offers comfort, but some cyclists reported replacing the included seat with a more comfortable one.

Find the Virubus Cruiser at Walmart.

Beach Cruiser Bicycles Have Remained Popular for Almost 100 Years

Some skeptics might think people who buy this style of bicycle are following a fad. They should know that Schwinn introduced the first beach cruisers in the 1930s. The popularity of these bicycles has ebbed and flowed in the decades since then. For instance, the emergence of specialized street and mountain bikes took some of the market's attention away from beach cruisers.

Some skeptics might think people who buy this style of bicycle are following a fad. They should know that Schwinn introduced the first beach cruisers in the 1930s. The popularity of these bicycles has ebbed and flowed in the decades since then. For instance, the emergence of specialized street and mountain bikes took some of the market's attention away from beach cruisers.

Why should you consider buying a beach cruiser for your next bicycle? Some of the benefits of beach cruisers include:

  • Ease and comfort: Beach cruisers generally offer several features that make them comfortable. Wider tires, padded seats, and accessible handlebars cushion rides, so they're great for preventing achy joints and sore muscles. Step-through frames and lower seated positions make them easy to stop, start, and mount.
  • Stability and safety: These bikes lend themselves to riding at a leisurely pace. Wider tires enhance stability on various surfaces and terrains, including streets, dirt paths, and even sand or snow. Very wide tires will not perform as well on harder surfaces. An upright seated position also improves visibility.
  • Versatility: Although some call this type of bike a beach cruiser, others might refer to them as hybrid bicycles. That means they combine features of street and mountain bikes to offer decent performance on all types of surfaces. Thus, people can use their beach bikes at the beach or to commute, ride around the neighborhood, or run errands.

The benefits of beach bikes help explain their popularity. You also should not overlook the increased popularity of cycling in general.

Economy With No Pollution or Greenhouse Gas Emissions

During these days of high and unpredictable fuel prices, it's great to have an alternative mode of transportation that doesn't require gasoline or electricity. A bicycle can move much faster than a walker, but it's still clean and quiet. Bikes also don't produce any emissions. Thus, pedal-powered vehicles won't contribute to air or noise pollution. Cyclists just need to fill up their water bottles but not their gas tanks, and the only emissions come from their breath.

A Fun Way to Get Fit

Kids get plenty of exercise riding bikes, but they usually don't think of cycling as a way to get fit. They love to ride bicycles because it's a fun, social activity. Today, many adults have rediscovered the joy of cycling. While enjoying the ride, viewing new sights, and spending time with friends and family, they're also getting fit and enjoying plenty of sunshine. Get a bike if you want to exercise without feeling like you're enduring a painful working out.

How to Buy the Perfect Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Online retailers offer beach bike shoppers an almost unlimited array of choices. Some folks prefer to establish a relationship with a local bike shop for maintenance or to ensure the bike's properly assembled for the first ride. Online retailers often work with local bike shops, which may be ideal for many cyclists. Consumers can enjoy the convenience and competitive pricing of online shopping but still have local experts they can visit in person.

For shopping online or locally, many of the same considerations still apply. For example, models of beach bikes vary considerably with different features, styles, and prices. To make an informed decision, shoppers can start by comparing the basics:

Frame Design and Materials

Beach bikes generally offer standard, upright frames. However, some look like choppers or banana bikes, while a few models let riders sit in a semi-recumbent position. Comparison shoppers may want to consider bikes engineered for comfort, with an ergonomic design, wider tires, and padded seats and grips.

Also, aluminum frames weigh less but may not offer the durability and rigidity of traditional steel frames. Aluminum frames also tend to cost more. Thus, you should consider your budget and the importance of weight vs. durability when comparing various beach bikes.

Gears and Accessories

Many manufacturers offer single-speed bikes to suit casual riders who value simplicity. Also, the simplicity of fewer gears can reduce maintenance issues associated with a gearing system. However, multiple speeds can make bikes much more efficient on various inclines and terrain. Most casual riders won't need or use 21 speeds, but choosing three or seven speeds can give many cyclists a satisfactory compromise between simplicity and performance.

Maintenance and Initial Setup

Most bikes come in flat and relatively slim boxes. Thus, they usually don't come completely assembled. Cyclists may need to attach handlebars, pedals, seats, and wheels; in some cases, they might need to do more. Look at reviews to determine the experience that previous buyers have had and if the shipper included the necessary tools. Some people may buy their bikes online and pay for a service or local bike shop to put them together.

Customer Service and Warranties

Many steps occur between manufacturing beach bikes and delivering them to customers. Even the most reliable bike makers have products that suffer from production errors, packaging issues, and shipping damage. In addition, many customers lack the skill to align wheels properly, thread chains, or adjust brakes. Take the time to check out warranties and check for reviews of the company's customer service. A good bike seller will invest in customer service to ensure customer satisfaction, even if everything isn't perfect the first time.

Why Wait to Buy Your Perfect Beach Cruiser Bike?

Millions of people have rediscovered the joy of cycling on a beach cruiser bicycle. Quality models look stylish while offering comfort and ease. Start shopping now to receive your favorite beach cruiser bicycle in time for spring.


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