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10 Fall Cycling Essentials

Just because the summer season draws to a close doesn’t mean your bicycle needs to go into hibernation. You can continue to ride well into the autumn, and even into cold weather as long as you have the right apparel and accessories. Here are 10 pieces of essential fall cycling gear to pick up today:

  1. Thermal Tights

Insulated tights are soft, warm, and lined with fleece. Temperatures can drop quickly during the fall season and insulated tights keep you warm during an evening ride.

  1. Riding Gloves

You don’t have to think about keeping your hands pliant during a summer ride, but in colder temps, your hands could quickly have trouble gripping your brakes. Biking gloves will solve your problems.

  1. Biking Headwear

Don’t forget to protect your ears with a hat or headband. Most heat escapes through your head, so headwear makes a huge difference in moderating your body temperature.

  1. Waterproof Booties

Autumn showers and melted snow can turn up in unexpected places during your ride. Waterproof booties are insulated, waterproof, and fit over your shoes to keep your feet dry in any conditions.

  1. Biking Jacket

Layering is important during a crisp weather ride. You should always wear a jacket over a thinner, moisture-wicking top. Jackets for cyclists are designed to withstand wind and rain with ease.

  1. Tire Patch Kit

Getting a flat is inconvenient in any season, but when the weather starts to cool, getting stranded could get dangerous. Make sure your backpack or bike storage has an emergency tire patch kit to get you home or to another safe location.

  1. Bike Fenders

Fenders keep water, mud, and other sludge from flying up against your legs. They also protect your tire spokes from some of the rust-creating water and salt mixture often put down on roads as ice begins to form.

  1. Bike Lights

It gets dark earlier when autumn emerges on the calendar. You may be able to get away without having lights during the summer, but they are a must-have beginning the fall. Make sure all cars and other bikers can see you coming.

  1. Insulated Water Bottle

Keep your water cool with an insulated water bottle, or fill your insulated bottle with warm tea for your cool down. An insulated bottle remains consistent even when the weather fluctuates.

  1. Reflector Vest

When you’re wondering what to wear biking, remember to wear bright clothes and reflective jackets or vests. Reflectors work with lights to keep you visible on roads and trails.

Ready to stock up on cold cycling gear? Start shopping today and before you know it, you’ll be ready for an autumn ride. Check out some of our hybrid and comfort bikes if you’re in the market for a new bike to go along with your fall cycling essentials:

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