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26" sixthreezero Fenders

$ 29.99

Available for the sixthreezero 26" models, these fenders will add style to your cruiser and prevent you from getting splashed while you ride.  Assembly hardware included.


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  • What is the maximum width of the fenders?

    The Fenders can accommodate up to a 2.25" wide tire, anything with a larger width than that will rub against the mounting arms.
    We use 2.125" wide tires on the Around The Block, all Women's Cruisers, and the In The Barrel model bikes.

  • Does this 26" fenders fit on a 60-559 tires?

    They do not, unfortunately. Although they are the same diameter of 26", the 60-559 tires have a wider and taller profile. The mounting arms of the fenders will rub against the sidewall of the tire.

    Thank you!

  • Will these fenders fit the AroundtheBlock 24" model?


    Unfortunately no, 26" Fenders will not fit properly on a 24" bike.
    24" fenders are available from, one of our online dealers. 

    Thank you, and please let us know if you have any other questions.

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