Sixthreezero Assembly

sixthreezero has partnered with Beeline and Velotooler to bring you Full Professional Assembly. 

After selecting and customizing your sixthreezero bike, you will have the option to checkout with a Professional Assembly option. 

How it works:

  • If you have a bike shop or a bike builder within 50 miles of your location, and that bike shop is a part of the Beeline or the Velotooler network, they will appear in your checkout as a shipping option. 
  • After selecting your preferred builder and completing checkout, we ship your order directly to the bike shop/ 
  • The Bike Shop receives, builds, and inspects your bike. 
  • The bike shop contacts you to pick up your bike when it has been complete.
  • *** Please note, some shops will offer a delivery service, and you will see these shipping options at checkout for $229.99.

List of available zip codes from


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