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The 10 Best Electric Bike to Buy

E-cycling has grown increasingly popular with people who want to save energy, preserve the environment, and enjoy a painless, fun way to exercise. Thus, dozens of manufacturers offer various models to serve this expanding market. Prices also vary considerably, with the latest models generally costing from about one thousand to several thousand dollars. On the positive side, some relatively modestly priced models can satisfy typical riders.

Just like conventional bicycles, the style of electric bikes varies greatly. For instance, motor-assisted cycles can differ in quality, intended purpose, comfort, speed, durability, and price. Cyclists should shop for a model that best suits their needs and budget, just as they would do when comparing non-motorized cycles.

For instance, avid athletes, older folks with sore joints, and average people who want to enjoy fun and relaxation on bike paths or neighborhood streets may all choose different models. To help inform shopping for an electric bike, look at these top models in 2022.

Ten Best Electric Bikes to Buy in 2022

Bicycles on this list can serve as general-purpose e-bikes, though each one excels for different uses and riders. The models that made the list all have standout features to satisfy various riders' unique needs and preferences.

Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2: A Lightweight Commuter E-Bike

The Treadwell Neo 2 stands out because it only weighs 35 pounds, making it exceptionally lightweight for an e-bike. The manufacturers shed some standard features, like the suspension fork and fenders, to reduce the bicycle's weight. It comes with a 250W motor. Combined with the lighter weight, it still offers a spirited ride.

The bike comes in a men's and a mixte, step-thru model for men or women. It also positions riders upright, but this bike doesn't have all the comfort features of the SixThree Bikes mentioned above. The pedal-assist function of the motor means that a few extra pounds of weight might not matter much for riding. The weight can make a difference when people need to lift their bicycles to put them on bike racks for transportation or storage.

Rad Power RadRunner 2: An Interesting Cargo E-Bike

This model looks more like an old-style moped than a bicycle, though the electric motor puts it firmly in the e-bike category. A step-thru frame makes it easy to mount. The RadRunner 2's standout feature includes its ability to carry cargo. It comes with mounts to easily install front and rear racks, and these can hold panniers, baskets, platforms, and various types of bags. The manufacturer also offers an optional center console for even more carrying capacity.

This e-bike might provide a good option for cyclists who intend to perform deliveries or take overnight camping trips. A 750W motor offers plenty of power to carry a rider and extra cargo on their way. The basic model has one speed, but RadRunner 2 Plus includes seven-speed gearing, which can help with inclines.

Rad Power RadWagon: An Upgraded Cargo E-Bike

The RadWagon offers a step up from the RadRunner 2 described above. It comes with a seven-speed throttle, a 750W motor, and plenty of cargo space. The manufacturer often advertises this e-bike as a motor-vehicle replacement because it can carry cargo or even a child or pet carrier on the solid rear rack.

Despite this model's width, it handles very well but may not offer much torque for steep inclines. This e-bike achieves a top speed of 20MPH. Weighing 73 pounds, it's heavier than the other models listed.

Aventon Pace 350 Step-Through: A Nice Commuter E-Bike

As the name implies, this model's step-thru frame makes it easy to slide on and off the bike. The e-bike can achieve a top speed of 20 MPH, has seven-speed gearing, and offers a thumb-controlled throttle with five pedal-assist speeds. It lacks fenders or integrated racks, but the Pace 350 looks like a reasonable choice for commuting on city streets.

The company also sells a model called the Pace 500, which has a top speed of 28MPH. This e-bike only offers white or black as color choices, and it has a futuristic appearance.

Yeti 160E T1: A Top Mountain E-Bike

Most people who purchase an e-bike want a general-purpose ride, and that's not what this model offers. Yeti had serious mountain bikers in mind when they designed this electric mountain bike, with its rugged suspension and superior traction. Anybody who wants to speed through rough terrain should feel like the Yeti 160E T1 delivers a satisfying experience.

Lectric XP 2.0: An Excellent Folding Electric Bike

The XP 2.0 provides a surprisingly nice ride with an added feature of foldability into a compact package. The motor's perky enough to deliver decent power and acceleration. It wouldn't top the list of 2022 e-bikes for comfort or performance, but it's satisfying as an e-bike and affordable.

Cyclists who want to transport their e-bikes for trips or storage and then unfold them to ride might consider this option. Avid e-bikers might choose another model for daily rides and then pick up an XP 2.0 when they need an e-bike they can stash in a car trunk or carry on a train.

Evelo Galaxy 500: One of the Simplest E-Bikes to Ride

The step-thru frame and forward pedals make this e-bike accessible for seniors, shorter riders, or anybody who wants a bicycle that's easy to mount and stop. Its standout feature consists of an automatic shifting system that relieves cyclists of worrying about finding the perfect gear for various terrain. Because of the smaller frame size, it's better for people under five feet ten. It's almost like having an e-bike with an automatic transmission rather than a manual one.

Why Have E-Bikes Grown Increasingly Popular?

Electric bicycles weigh more than traditional bikes because of the battery and motor. Those same factors also explain why electric bikes cost more than comparable non-powered bikes. Some benefits of e-bikes over conventional bikes without motors include:

  • E-bike riders still enjoy plenty of exercise as they pedal to increase speed and increase the battery's range. They say that riding these powered bikes doesn't feel like hard work because the motor gives them a gentle push up hills or on longer rides.
  • Increased speed and range can make e-bikes more useful for commuting, touring, and other activities. Thus, e-cyclists tend to use their e-bikes more than non-motorized bicycles.
  • E-bikes have electric motors that don't emit pollutants or greenhouse gasses and run quietly. In comparison to motor vehicles, e-bikes hardly use any energy. They're easy to charge at any outlet and can travel 20 to 40 miles on a charge that works out to pennies in electricity costs.

E-bikes offer the benefits of traditional bikes, but they can travel further and faster. They're also a lot of fun to ride. E-bikes don't run as fast as scooters or motorcycles, but they can offer a comparable experience. When cyclists use these e-bikes instead of their cars, they can save money on fuel and vehicle wear.

The motor also does more than compensate for the extra weight when riding. Also, when a car runs out of gas, it stops. If the battery needs a charge on an e-bicycle, the rider can still pedal or carry an extra battery or a charger. The benefits of electric bicycles have made them increasingly popular with families, seniors, commuters, delivery people, frugal folks, and the eco-conscious.

Where to Start Shopping for Electric Bikes in 2022

These days, dozens of manufacturers produce various e-bikes in many price ranges and styles. Cyclists should consider how they would most enjoy using their e-bike to narrow down their choices. Most riders value a good all-around e-cycle that feels comfortable, looks stylish, and handles various terrain adequately. Most riders also appreciate at least some carrying capacity in the form of racks or attachments. Almost everybody would refer an e-bike designed to keep them comfortable and safe.

Start shopping online for top e-bikes at The website details various types of e-bikes and also offers a handy online fitting guide. E-bike buyers can shop confidently because SixThreeZero focuses on satisfying customers with friendly, helpful representatives on the phone, a generous return policy, and useful warranty options. Most importantly, cyclists find SixThreeZero bikes comfortable and reliable.


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