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My Journey, My Experience | sixthreezero Podcast #3 - Lindy O

This is Sixthreezero's My Journey, My Experience Podcast. Stories from Sixthreezero riders about their lives and time in the saddle. I'm your host, Dustin.

All right. Welcome, welcome, welcome, everyone. Here we are Episode 3 of the Sixthreezero My Journey, My Experience Podcast. And today, we are with another one of our legends on the leaderboard. Linda... Sorry, I forgot already. Ogata?

Ogata, Ogata.

Ogata. I only know you as Lindy O on the app, always seeing you at the top of the miles ridden every week. So, thank you for joining us.

My pleasure.

It'll be awesome to hear your stories and your time in the saddle because you obviously log a lot of miles on a weekly basis. So I'm curious, just as the CEO, to understand more about your riding habits and things like that. So, yeah. Thank you again for being with us.


So, I guess let's just start with a little bit about you. I don't even know. So, where do you live and how long have you been there?

I live in Winter Garden, Florida which is a Western suburb of Orlando and I've been here 16 years, since 2006.

Got it. Okay. But you got-

I'm a Chicago-an, just like you.

Oh, really? You are?

Originally. Yeah, I grew up in the southwest side-

-of Chicago?

Tinley park, out in the middle of nowhere.

Well, yeah I know Tinley park.


So, did you spend your childhood out there?

I did. I spent my childhood there. And then, when I got out of college, I lived on the north side. Around lake shore drive in the Wrigleyville area, and then moved to Skokie before we came here. So.


Hit most of the parts of town.

I didn't realize that.


So, you obviously understand the Sixthreezero?

I absolutely do. I'm an 847 and a 773.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, I think even since I left, they've even split the area codes more. I'm pretty sure.


Because there's 708 now too.


But wow, that's crazy.


So I'm just curious, where did you go to high school?

Tinley park high school, way back in the day. And when I grew up there, there was nothing there to do except roller skating. Because we had to roll a rink or bike riding. We had a municipal pool. So, I would go there in the summer. I would be riding my bike all over town because that's all there was to do.


So I did, it was fun with my friends.

Wow. Yeah. Because, Tinley Park's one of the nicer suburbs now, I feel.

Well now back then, there was not much going on. It was still nice. It was a great place to grow up. But, we were pretty far removed from everything. There's a venue there now for concerts and things, that didn't exist back in those days. There was no shopping, except for small shops and things. So, it was very insular. But, it was a great place to grow up and be a kid, because I had the run of the town. So it was fun. That was great.

Yeah. Wow. Well, I mean we moved to Naperville in 1985 and at that time, it was still cornfields mostly.

Oh my god.

I mean, there was Naperville central.


But, it's amazing. Just how much all that area has grown. Cool. And so, did retirement bring you down to Florida? Is that where you retired?

No, no. My husband's family had a business that we all worked at. It was a camera store, photo studio, and processing lab. And because of digital photography, took a toll on the business. We decided to close the business and my husband got a good job at Disney. So, that's why we decided to relocate down here. So, yeah. And then, I started watching grandchildren. I mean, at the time when we moved down here, I didn't have grandchildren. But, grandchildren now I do, lots.

Yeah. Wow. Is winter garden close to Orlando?

Yeah, it is. It's still very suburban and it's a really nice town. Really very cool town, but it's probably maybe 25 minutes from the downtown Orlando area, which honestly I try to avoid. It's just too much traffic.

Yeah, no, I get it. I happened to have been there in February of this year, and so we experienced some of the driving and how congested it gets.


By the parks, but wow. Crazy. So a small world. And then, let's try to take your way back. So, any idea when you first learned to ride a bike? How old you were?

No. I was thinking about it. I think I was probably seven or eight years old, and I got a 24-inch bike from my parents. And for some unknown reason, I decided to name it Daisy and rode that bike. Like I was telling you, all over town. I had my transistor radio. You're too young to know what that is, probably. But, I had it hooked onto my handlebars, so I could listen to WLS, which was the radio station in town to listen to back in those days. So, I just rode my bike. Like I said, everywhere. We had a municipal pool. So, during the summer I would ride my bike there. I rode my bike in elementary school and middle school. But by the time I was in high school, I probably tapered off. And, by the time I got my driver's license, I was done riding my bike for a long while, about 50 years.

So, wow.


And then, what was your first bike when you got back into bike riding?

Well, I bought a 26-inch Schwinn back in the 90s. I don't remember exactly when. But at that time, my husband and I and our four kids were living in an apartment above our store, in the Lakeview area. And, it was difficult carrying the bike up and down the stairs when I went by myself, and there wasn't really a storage place to put it. So, I didn't use it that much. And then, right before I turned 50, I got into fitness because there was a gym that opened up.

Oh actually, by that time we had moved to Skokie and there was this real fancy gym that opened up. It's a chain across the country, but it was really nice. Open 24 hours. And, I decided I wanted to get in shape for my 50th birthday. So, I started doing that and I was into that for the rest of my time there, in Illinois. And then, when we moved here in 2006, my bike ended up getting damaged in the move. Because I thought I would start bike riding down here. Because it's a totally different area. But, it got damaged in the move and I forgot about it. And then, grandchildren started coming, and so I didn't have a lot of time. So, it got put on the back burner until COVID, and that changed everything in a lot of ways. But, definitely, jump-started my passion for riding again. So that's when-

And, that's when you got your Sixthreezero?

It is. Well actually before I got that, I had been looking for a bike. But if you recall at the beginning of, well, during 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. When people were on lockdown and on furloughs from jobs and so forth, there were not a lot of bikes available at all. It was really hard to get the local bike shops. Didn't have any Walmart. Target.

No, I couldn't find a bike anywhere. So, I started looking on Amazon and I was looking for the best reviews. And, I was looking strictly at beach cruisers and Sixthreezero's name kept coming up. So, I almost bought a bike through Amazon, but then I'm the person that likes to buy direct when I can. So, I went on your website and I found the area that shows bikes in stock. So, I was really thrilled that you had a 26-inch around the block in stock, in corals. So I got that bike in, I believe it was March of 2021. So, let me back up a little. I started riding a used Huffy that I bought from someone off of Facebook marketplace, in the meantime. So, I rode that from May 2020 until March of 2021, when I got the first Sixthreezero.

Got it.


Got it. Yeah. And, just to backtrack a little, if you don't mind sharing, how old are you Linda?

I am 69. I'll be 70 in November.

Wow. Okay.

I didn't even want to say it.

No, I mean you look great by the way.

Well, thank you, Dustin.

I want everyone to have the context around, because as we get into your riding. I also want everyone to hear, not only about the bike you're actually riding but then how many miles you're logging.


Because, I think it's very, very impressive. So, you got a single-speed, right? The around the block, single speed.

Yes. I've only ridden single-speed bikes. My whole life. I've never ridden... Well, except for the one time I borrowed from my husband. But, I'm a recreational rider, not a competitive rider or anything. So, yeah.

And then, all the bikes have you had, have they always been coaster break? Pedaling backward to stop?

Yes. I'm like a little kid. Yes.

Yes. Wow. Crazy. Okay. So then, I don't have your stats up in front of me, but you got back into riding. And then, how many miles a week, when you first got the Sixthreezero, do you think you were riding per week?

Well, I loved it right away. First of all, I want to compliment you on whoever designed the handlebars, the way they are. Because, that just works for me so well and it's comfortable, and the seat is comfortable. I mean, when you put a lot of miles on it, maybe not be that comfortable. But, the handlebars are great ergonomically. It really works well for me. So, I don't know exactly. I probably did better in 2021. I looked it up. I did around 4,500 miles in 2021, which was from March until December. So, nine months.


So, about 500 a month.

Wow. Yeah, that's crazy. And this is-

And so, far this year-

I want to understand-

-I'm sorry.

Oh, go ahead. Go ahead.

This year, so far I'm at 1661. Which, I'm a little lagging. I'm not doing quite as well, but my husband had hip surgery. And so, I had to take a little time off. So, yeah.

But, while based on the recent leaderboard, we're seeing that you're back at it because we see you and Jody battling for the top spot weekly.

Yeah. And, I don't really look at it as battling Jody. She's amazing. And so, I don't think I could really ever keep up with her. If I'm at the top of the leaderboard, it's because she had a bad weather day basically. But, the app actually has been great for me. Because, just wherever I am on the leaderboard, it's not like I'm trying to beat anyone, but myself. I'm trying to push myself to see if I can find a little bit more energy. And, a little bit more to just go out again when I'm tired and I don't feel like it. Because I always feel better when I do. When I come back, I'm always so glad I went. But, sometimes I do have to push myself. The weather's a little bad in the winter, it can get cold even here. I mean, it's all relative. So, yeah. It's been really good in that way. But, yeah. It's not so much of me trying to always be up at the top of the leaderboard, although it's nice too. It's a sense of accomplishment.

Yeah. Yeah. Before the Sixthreezero app, would you track your rides or no?

No, no. I don't have a Fitbit or anything. I probably need to get something on apple watch or something, but I don't.

Oh, okay. But then, every time you get on you do start the app? You do track your rides? You want to log in and see?

Yes, yes.

And I'm just curious, about the rides that you. You do the same route every time, and then how many days a week are you getting out, typically?

Typically, seven.

Yeah. Oh wow.

And, I live in a gated community. A rather large gated community, that's a golf course community, and there are about 1,250 homes. So, it's pretty spread out. And, I usually ride within our community into the different neighborhoods. And, sometimes on the golf course, because our golf course has been closed for the last two years, and that's going to change. Somebody else just took it over. But, I've been able to ride on the course which is much hilly than the streets, because Florida's pretty flat. But, the course had some Hills. So, that helped me push myself even more. So, that's been good.

But, I do have a couple different routes all within the community, but yeah. It's boring. I plan on getting a hitch... That's not the right word. To carry the bikes. Because, we have this thing called the west orange trail. Which is a rail trail that's about 22 miles long, that goes through my town. And, it's very beautiful and there's a lot of walkers and riders. And, I would like to ride over there, so I need to get the bike carrier. So, my husband and I can do that, but I haven't yet. So far, just within my community. Mostly.

Yeah. So, you were riding on the cart path on the golf course? Is that what it was?

Sometimes. Sometimes I was and sometimes I ride on the street.


Sometimes I'll veer up onto the sidewalk, if there's a car coming. But, the street is smoother pavement and a better ride for me. But again, it's all within this community. So, there's not a lot of traffic at all.

Yeah. No, that's great. And so how long, each ride, do you typically go for on average?

It's usually about an hour for 10 miles, because I do two 10 mile rides a day. If I can, whether permitting or my life permitting. Sometimes it's 11 or 12 or 13. Again, if I'm having a good day or pushing myself or trying to meet a personal goal, then I might push myself a little bit more. But, generally it's two 10 mile rides. One in the daytime and one at night.

Wow. Okay. So, one ride is happening. What, sometime around noon or 1:00PM or 11:00AM?

Well, not during the summer down here. These summers are brutal and it's really hot and humid. So, I usually go out around 10:00AM, maybe 9:30AM or 10:00AM.


And then, again, I will wait until maybe 7:30PM. I actually went about 8:45PM the other day, because I wanted it to be dark when I was riding my night ride. Because, it's a completely different experience riding at night than during the day.

Yeah, definitely. So, almost 20 miles a day, basically, is what you're striving for. Which, is about 140 miles a week. Wow.

I do. And, I try to do seven, but I don't always get seven days in. I every once in a while, I don't.

I just have to say honestly that is, I mean for anyone that's listening, how impressive that is. Because, this is a single speed bike. So, no gears. So, any Hills or anything you're going up, you've got no gears to shift into, and you're doing 10 miles each ride. 20 miles total. So, the other thing I think is fantastic about that is, there's a lot of myths around what you can and can't do on a single speed. And, it's funny because when you had some bike issues and we were helping you out, I didn't realize you had a single speed bike. And, I was like, "Wow, that's just unbelievable." So, I mean I'm amazed honestly. So, yeah. That's great. So, okay. 140 miles a week. And I'm curious then, what do you typically bring with you on your ride? You obviously go at night. So, do you have a light on your bike?

I do. I have a light in the front and I have a backup one too. So, I have two headlights and I have the flashing red one in the back. And then, I have a little bag that goes on the handlebars. And in there, I have nitrile gloves in case I have to do anything with the chain, which I haven't had to with my newest bike. But, the other one after my accident, sometimes the chain would come off. So, I had to fix it, and a flashlight and my ID, and sometimes some hard candy or something. That's about it.

Water? No water?


No water.

I know, Jody would be so [inaudible 00:17:32] with me.

Wow. So, wow. That's crazy. So even for 10 miles, no water, and then no stopping on that. 10 miles is just, 10 miles straight.

Sometimes I do. Actually, I was going to mention that was one of the things that happened as I started riding more is, I got to know a lot of people in my area. Within my community that I didn't know. Because as I say, there's about 1,250 homes. So, people that live on the other side of the community were not my neighbors and I didn't really know them. But, as I was riding my bike around every day. Twice a day. People would start to stop me and talk to me and say, "How many miles do you do a day?" Or, "Let me see your bike." And, things like that. So, it got me into conversations and I've made a lot of friends. And, it's funny because I'll be in Lowe's or in the grocery store, and people I don't know will come up to me and stop me and say, "I know you, I know where you live. I see you riding your bike all the time."

And, this is funny. But, even there's been people that will stop their car in our community, roll down the window and say, "You are such an inspiration." Now, I'm not saying, because that embarrasses me a little bit, but I feel in my own small way. If I'm able to encourage people to either walk or run or ride their bike, or do whatever they want to do. Just to get outside and do something active, then I feel that's a contribution that I'm making. And, that makes me really happy.

No, absolutely. I think that's amazing. Yeah. You're a local celebrity in your own way. No, I think it's great. I think-

My kids laugh at that.

Everybody needs inspiration to get out, working out. So, I agree. I think it's amazing. Is the bike, for you then, your primary form of exercise?

Yes. I also walk. I walked a lot before I started bike riding. Before COVID, I was walking all the time. I would probably walk between seven and nine miles a day.


Which again, I mean that really doesn't sound like that much to people that are runners or whatever. But, I just wanted to keep moving and keep active. It clears my mind and I listen to podcasts or audiobooks or music. And, it's a great experience. But now, I would say the bike is primary and walking is secondary.

Yeah. By the way, seven to nine miles walking a day is a lot for anyone. I don't care if you're a runner or-

Oh, thank you.

I mean, that's got to be at least two hours, two plus hours of walking. I would think, a day.

It would be more than one walk.


I wouldn't do it all in one.

Yeah. Got it.

So, it would be an hour at a time. I would walk 3.3 miles each walk, and it's an hour.

Got it.

And so, I do three walks.

Got it.

So, you mentioned something about an accident, and we obviously got you a new bike. Can you tell us a little bit about what happened to your first bike?

I thought about whether I wanted to tell you the truth about this, because it's very embarrassing and it doesn't put me in a very good light at all. But, I'm going to tell everyone for a cautionary tale.


So, I was riding at night. This was last June. I was riding at night and I had been with my daughter and her family earlier in the day. And, she called me and said, she put pictures on Facebook. So, my phone is mounted onto my handlebar. So, there's no traffic out at night. It's real quiet. So, I'm looking at the pictures on Facebook and not looking where I was going. And, I ran into a parked SUV at 13 miles an hour.


Yeah, it was not pretty. So, the bike did okay. It was out of alignment. And then, I kept having problems with it. So, I went to the bike shop and they said it was going to cost so much to repair it. So, I got in touch with Alana to talk to her about, at that time, I was looking for a black Friday sale. So, yeah. But, it was one of the stupidest things I've ever done in my life. And, I will never make that mistake again. And, I wasn't wearing a helmet.

Do you wear a helmet now or no?

I bought a Sixthreezero helmet to match my bike.

Okay. I was going to say, we could have sent you a helmet.

No, I got one.

And I'm just curious, was there any damage to the car or was the car fine?

No, thank goodness. The car was fine, but I had a terrible black eye. The whole side of my face was all black and blue, and I had to go have a CT scan and all that stuff. Just to make sure everything was okay. So, I was pretty sore, but I think I was more embarrassed than anything else. Because, it was truly one of the stupidest things I've ever done in my life.

I mean, it happens to-

So, now I always look where I'm going.

Yeah. Well, I'm just curious. Did you hit the back of the car? The back of the parked SUV?

Yes, yes.

And, you hit into the back shield or the-

I think it was the tire luckily and I don't have fenders on my around the block. So, the tire hit the back of the SUV, and then it threw me off the side and it knocked me. The bike was on top of me on the pavement.

Okay. So, you didn't hit your head on the car?

No, I didn't. I didn't.


The handlebars nipped me a little bit. I think that's where I got my black eye. And also, the impact was pretty jarring. But, luckily the guy who owned the car was just going into his house and he came out, and helped me up and everything. And so, like I said, cautionary tale for all you people. Always pay attention, even if there's no one else around.

Yeah. Just one more question. So then, did you walk your bike home or did your husband pick you up? How did you get out of there?

Okay. I finished my ride, Dustin.


I got back on the bike and finished my ride, and I came home at that point. I didn't have a black eye until the next morning. So, at that point, I probably was halfway through and I finished the rest of the ride. And, came in and said to my husband, "I was in an accident." He's like, "Oh my God, why didn't you call me?" And then, the next morning I said, "Oh, maybe this is worse than I thought it was." So then, I went to the hospital to get checked out.

Wow. I mean, you are unbelievable. And I mean, in a good way. So, you rode another five miles?

No, in a stupid way.

Yeah, but still that's amazing. I'm impressed with your tenacity to make it home. That's crazy. So, you rode five more miles got home. So, did we send you the same exact bike and we wanted to keep with-

Yeah. Just a different color. Actually, I had contacted Alana, because I had noticed on the information for around the block, that it's for an occasional rides thing. And I said, "I put a lot of miles on the bike and I want to make sure that I'm not compromising the integrity of the bike, by putting so many miles on it, before I buy a new one. I just want to make sure it's okay." And she said, she checked with the mechanics and they said, "No, it's fine. The bike can handle it." But she said, "Maybe you'd be more comfortable though with a different bike, that has different speeds. It would be easier for you, instead of working so hard to get those miles." But I thought about it and I decided that working hard at each of those 10 mile rides, was part of what I wanted. Because, I want to get my heart rate up. I want to push myself physically. And so, I decided to stick with around the block for the second one too.

Wow. For the single speed. And, what color do you have now?

Mint green.

Mint green. So, you went from the coral to the mint green and when-


So, the accident happened in June of last year, did you say?


So, you had only bought-

Oh no, no, no. That's not right. No, no. It happened in November. I'm sorry. Yeah, it happened in November and I got the new bike in November, also. So, I've been riding the mint green one, since it actually came the week of my birthday. So, that was really nice. I got the new bike and I've been riding that one since then.

Cool. And so, I guess the first one, pre-crash, probably you had 3,500 miles on it. I mean, because you did 4600 miles-

No, actually. I did in 2021. That was primarily... Let me think. I did most of the miles on the coral bike.


And then, because I didn't get the new one until the end of November. So, I did over 4,000 miles on the coral bike.

Wow. That's amazing. So, yeah. So, that's just another Testament to a single speed coaster break bike.


That you logged 4,000 plus miles. And, just to say too, the bike held up and now you're riding a new-


Now on the new one, you've got probably what? Almost 2000? Then, you've got a little bit from last year?

Yes, yes.

Cool. So, for the rest of the summer then, the goals are the same that you discussed basically seven days a week. Are you planning to get out to that? You said the West orange trail, is that what you call that one?

I'm hoping to, yes. And I'm going to try. Like I said, Florida summers are not that much fun. It rains, we're going into our rainy season. So, that's going to influence, especially my night rides, because it usually starts raining in the late afternoons. So, I should be able to get my morning rides in, but I'm going to do as much as I can. And, it's already in the 90Fs and 80% humidity. So, I'll probably start bringing water with me.

And, does your husband ever ride with you or is he-

He did. Before his hip replacement, he did. And, he's got an old Walmart bike, but it's a multi-speed bike. I don't know how many, but he does. In fact, he goes by Papa bear when he's on the Sixthreezero app, because we checked first. And, Alana said it was okay for him to use the app, even though he doesn't yet have a Sixthreezero bike. So.

Yeah, yeah. Absolutely.

We wanted to make sure it's okay.

All riders welcome. Absolutely.


But yeah, go ahead.

Oh, he is a judo instructor. So, that's his first love. So, he does that more than bike riding. So, I have to push him a little bit to come with me.

Well, that's great. Wow. And, you guys aren't close to the beach then, right? Because, you're more inland is that-

It's an hour to the East coast. And, about a little over two hours to the West coast beaches.

Have you ever gotten out there to ride by the beach at all or no?

I haven't. I should. Since it's a beach cruiser, though.

Well, yeah. And it's interesting, right? I don't really know the history on why they're called beach cruisers, necessarily. I mean, originally I think the Schwinns were more just cruisers, but somehow now it's become a beach cruiser. So, okay. Well, you're planning, I guess. Well, summer's basically just starting, but you may only get in night rides or one ride a day in the summer.

Or morning. Yeah.

Morning. Okay. Got you.

I'm going to London next month. And so I may, if I'm adventurous enough, get one of their rental bikes there. How they have them out on the street.

Absolutely, yeah.

They call them Boris bikes, I think there. And so, we'll see. I don't know if I'm going to be able to do it, just because of the traffic patterns and me not being used to all that. And, I don't want to get myself killed. So, we'll see. But, I might.

You should. And, you should log the ride on the app and make your Destinations-

Right, that'd be fun.

-London. Yeah. Wow. That'd be super cool. Well, cool. I really appreciate you joining us and I'm sure everyone in the Pedalers group. If you're not already a member out there, join our Pedalers group and download the app. You can follow Linda as Lindy O, and she's always the top of the leader board. This will be fun to share this video with everyone, so they can get to know a little bit more about you and your rides. And yeah, I can't wait to track the rest of your ride for the summer.

Well, thank you.

Yeah. So, thank you for being with us. And don't forget, if anyone else wants to join the podcast, you can shoot us an email at the team at We'd love to have you. And thanks again, Linda, for sharing your stories and time in the saddle, and till next time everyone. Bye, Linda.



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